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auto repair in Philadelphia, PA

Protecting Vehicles From Salt Water

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While Philadelphia isn’t right on the ocean, it’s close enough to the sea that some people like to take a drive over the weekends for a getaway. You’ve heard what rotten things saltwater can do to your vehicle and you don’t want to have to get auto repair in Philadelphia, PA because of it. How can you prevent that damage if your car is going to be exposed over the weekend, during a week-long vacation, or at other times?

The best way to avoid saltwater damage is to avoid exposing your car to saltwater in the first place. But when you go to a region that has an ocean nearby, the saltwater can be in the air, and it can get on your vehicle. Over the winter months, you might get salt on your car even around the Philly area because of the salt on the roads. You know it’s not a good thing. It can damage the finish on your vehicle, erode paint, and cause rust to form.

If your car is exposed to saltwater, when you get home, make sure you rinse the vehicle down, even if it doesn’t look dirty. That can take most of the salt off the vehicle and help you to avoid damage to the paint. The longer the salt stays on the vehicle, the more the clearcoat over the paint will break down. If it is allowed to eat through that level and then the paint, it can even damage the metal on your vehicle and brake holds and rust spots into the metal areas.

Wheels are another susceptible area because they are completely made from metal. Rinse off the paint on your vehicle, but wipe down the tires as well. Take note of that area on your car during the winter months in this area as the salt from the roads can splash p onto the tires and cause rust to start before you even notice it is there.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PAWhen you are in a beath area, parking inside is always going to help. But even if you don’t park right on the beach and are just in an ocean town, large waves and high tides can deposit the sale onto the road and into the air. Your vehicle has been exposed to the sale and you will need to get that item off as soon as you can.

Avoiding salt and saltwater damage is the best thing you can do, but when you’re on vacation, or even when you’re driving the cold winter streets this year, you might encounter the element. Try to clean it off your vehicle as soon as you can so you don’t encounter paint issues and other needs for auto repair in Philadelphia, PA because of it. Contact the professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center any time you have questions about what you can do for your vehicle, whether it’s salt-related, pertains to oil changes, or anything in between. We’re here to help you maintain a safe vehicle.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PA

Tire Cleaning Tips

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Even if you don’t need new tires, having regular checkups and auto repair in Philadelphia, PA on your tires and the rest of your vehicle is a good idea. The tires on your vehicle are an important part of the overall look of your car. You might want to clean them off at times in order to make your vehicle shine. Cleaning those tires can also. Help you to keep your vehicle safe and operational on the road. You need to use the right methods and here are a few pieces of advice to consider.

Wet Them Down

There are going to be some pieces of dust, grime, and dirt, that just takes a little water to break free from your tires. Wetting down the tires can take some of the easier chunks off and give you areas you need to focus on. If you wash your vehicle in your driveway, rinsing it off can help with the tire cleaning process.

Hammer Dirt Off

If you have some tough patches of dirt, you might want to take a rubber manner and gently pound around the dirt on the tires. Don’t hit it too hard or you can throw things off balance. But a little jarring to the dirt in that area can make the clods fall to the ground so you can rinse the rest away.

Brush On The Soap

As you wash the vehicle, get out a brush and put some soapy water on it that you can apply to the tires. Normal dish soap can work well, but there are also products that can help you clean tires directly if you have issues with a lot of dirt working up in that area. Brush the soap on and rinse it off to see if you can loosen the dirt.

Use Tire Shine

Once the dirt and debris are all gone and the tires are dry, you can use a tire shining product that you can spray on and rub in with a clean cloth. That can make the tires look even better than new, in some cases. Your vehicle will shine all the way down to the tires.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PAGet Advice From Professionals

If you live on a dirt road or tend to go off the beaten path with your vehicle, you might want to get some details on how you can keep the tires clean, or clean them off on a regular basis. The professionals can help you figure out what you need to do to keep the tires, and the rest of your vehicle, running and looking good.

If you need new tires, or other forms of maintenance or auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, the professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center are here to help. Give us a call and we can set you up with an appointment for an oil change, a tire inspection, a tune-up, or anything else you need. We’re here to ensure that your vehicle is in good operating order whenever you need us to look into things.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PA

Auto Repair Professionals And Honesty

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People in the industry of auto repair in Philadelphia, PA seem to get a bad name because it seems as if everyone has encountered a bad experience with a car repair at some point or another. When you need repairs, you want to know that you are using honest, experienced professionals who will do the job well and tell you what you need to know without any exaggerations.

Yes, there are some bad auto shops out there. They might tell you something major is wrong when it’s really something minor, just to get more money out of you. They might try to get you to change air filters when you get an oil change, even if they don’t really need it. They might make repairs seem more complicated than they are to ratchet up the labor charges. None of that is okay.

But as someone who has to have a vehicle—and maybe doesn’t know that much about auto repair, how can you tell the difference? You might feel at the mercy of the auto shop because you don’t know what your vehicle needs or doesn’t need. Here are some tips to help you with the details, whether you know much about your car or not.

1-Never Feel Bad About Second Opinions

If you are getting a weird feeling about the repairs the auto shop is telling you that you need, don’t hesitate to get a second opinion. If they are telling you that your brakes are about to completely fail when you haven’t even heard a single squeal, take the vehicle to another shop and see what they say. If that shop says the exact same thing as the other shop, then you know you have professionals you can trust in both shops. If they say the brakes need new pads, but not yet, then you know never to return to the first shop. You can’t trust them.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PA2-Research Reputation

Before you go into the auto repair shop, to begin with, research their reputation online and see what other clients have said about their experiences. Read reviews outside their websites and check in with the rating on the Better Business Bureau website. If you see that they have lots of happy customers who really trust them, you know that you are going to be able to trust them as well. Reputation can say a lot about the company and what you can expect from them.

It can be hard to feel anything but leery with professionals in auto repair in Philadelphia, PA if you have ever had a bad experience or even know someone who has. At Schafer’s Auto Center, we understand your concern and we make it our goal to gain your trust by giving you the best service you can find. We never tell customers something is wrong with their vehicle unless it really is. We only recommend repairs we would do on our own vehicles. We’ll even show you exactly what is wrong so you can see it with your own eyes.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PA

Regular Maintenance Prevents Auto Repair

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Don’t feel bad if you don’t know all that much about vehicles. As long as you can safely operate one, you aren’t a hazard on the road. But if there’s one thing you should know, it’s that regular maintenance on that vehicle can help you to prevent the auto repair in Philadelphia, PA and it can also keep the vehicle safe to operate on your daily routes and even road trips. Here are a few things that regular maintenance will do for you:

Keep The Car Efficient

You want your vehicle to work, but even if it keeps running, it may not be doing so efficiently. You might have to fill up with gas a lot more often, for example. When you get regular service and maintenance checks, the professionals can ensure that your vehicle is not only running but running well. Efficiency is important so you are spending less on gas, not more. Plus, when things are running well, the car will last longer and have fewer problems.

Catch Small Things

Having regular service means you have professionals looking at the details of your vehicle with practiced eyes. They are going to catch small things that might be starting to wear. They can then fix those little things and prevent major events from occurring. For example, brake pads are the first things to wear down on the brakes. The technicians will notice when they are wearing and suggest you replace them. By replacing them, you prevent major braking issues or even a complete failure. Catching something small prevents dangerous situations later and saves you money, too.

Maintain Manufacturer Warranties

Your vehicle came with certain warranties on it for certain things. Sometimes, those warranties expire if you don’t maintain things on the vehicle well. If you don’t get oil changes regularly, for example, and the engine breaks down, the manufacturer may not cover anything because you didn’t do what they recommended. If you want to keep those warranties for as long as possible, have regular maintenance done on the vehicle so you can use the warranties in the future if a need arises.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PAGive You Peace Of Mind

It’s always good to know you are driving a safe vehicle that isn’t going to break down and will get you where you need to go. Having regular service will help you to feel safe in your vehicle and give you the reliability you need.

There are going to be times when you need auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, but if you get regular maintenance done on your vehicle, the need for anything major will be much smaller. You can have everything done when you get oil changes and have peace of mind that the vehicle is safe, reliable, and in good shape. The professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center are here to help you with the process from start to finish, whether you need an oil change, new tires, or a complete engine overhaul. We want to help you with your car needs with honesty and professionalism.

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