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auto repair in Philadelphia, PA

Annual Preventative Maintenance And Auto Repair

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There are things you do for your vehicle because you know it’s for the best. You change out the oil every 5,000 miles or so and you make sure you have a full tank of gas. But there are also things you might not know that you should have checked out and the auto repair in Philadelphia, PA has those recommendations for you. When you bought your vehicle, it was an investment. And you want that investment to last as long as possible. Using preventative maintenance is a good way to check up on things, catch small items, and prevent them from coming to a much larger problem later. Here are some of the annual preventative measures you may want to take.

Have A Timing Belt Inspection

The timing belt plays a large role in the way the engine functions. It regulates items and makes sure things are, well, timed out correctly. You don’t want too much friction in the engine, and this is the belt that prevents that. The timing belt generally needs to be replaced every 60,000 miles. You might not drive that far in a year, but you should ask to have the timing belt inspected on an annual basis. That way, you know how well it is wearing and how soon you might need to replace it in order to be ahead of the curve. It’s better to replace it a little earlier than when it completely breaks down. That can cause further issues to your vehicle.

Check The Battery Charge

The battery on your vehicle is essential to starting the car so when it’s drained, there’s trouble. Batteries last for quite a few years and you may be able to tell when the battery is starting to go bad. But it’s still a good thing to have checked out annually. Your mechanic can check to ensure that it will fully charge and hold that charge. If it won’t, you know that a new battery is in your near future and perhaps you will want to replace it before that time comes. There are also build up areas on a battery that can keep it from working just right. The technician can clean those off and make other minor adjustments to help you to get the right level of efficiency.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PATire Alignment

Even if you drive your vehicle well and don’t hit curbs or potholes, tire alignment is something that can go out of balance eventually. Have the alignment checked annually to ensure that your tire treads will wear evenly so you don’t have to buy new tires before you are really due.

There are plenty of other things you will do annually, and even more often, and when you get auto repair in Philadelphia, PA with Schafer’s Auto Center, we are here to help you with those things. We want your vehicle to run as well as possible for as long as possible and we can repair, maintain, replace, and do everything else you need.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PA

Spring Driving Auto Repair & Driving Tips

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It’s always a relief to see spring blooming around you and it’s nice to know that the roads are likely going to be in better conditions without snow and ice on them. But there are things you might want to do by way of auto repair in Philadelphia, PA when spring arises to ensure that your vehicle is safe and sound. There are also good ways to drive during the spring that you might want to remember as you edge into the new season. Here are some of those tips.

Watch For Potholes

Winter can be nasty on the roads and you never know when potholes are going to spring up around your normal route. You certainly don’t want tire damage from hitting a pothole hard so keep your eyes on the road. Watch for those holes and, in the spring, try to avoid puddles. The rain can fill potholes up and disguise them as just another puddle. Hit one of those hard and you might be in for a nasty surprise.

Check Tire Tread

Tire tread is important through the winter months, but you want to keep an eye on it in the spring, too. Worn tires can cause the rain to feel extra slippery and you need to ensure that your tires are at a safe level. Check the tread yourself or when you take your car in for an oil change, have the professionals take a look at the air pressure and tread to get everything leveled out all the way around.

Fill Windshield Wiper Fluid

The roads are clearing off from the snow and there’s a lot of dirt hitting your windshield. Make sure you have ample windshield washer fluid in the vehicle, so you are able to clean things off whenever it gets hard to see. That dirt can be especially crippling at night if you are driving.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PA

Stay Back From Other Vehicles

You might lengthen your driving distance from other cars in the winter because it can be harder to stop, but it’s important to keep your distance in the spring, too. You never know what’s going to happen and if there’s rain, there can still be slick conditions. Try to stay several seconds behind the vehicle in front of you, even at a stoplight, to give them plenty of room to remain safe.

There are lots of other auto repairs in Philadelphia, PA items you might want to check over in the spring and a tune-up is never a bad idea, especially if it’s been a while. The professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center is here to help you with maintenance, repairs, advice, and everything in between. If you have a question about something that you might need for your vehicle, just give us a call. You can make an appointment as well and have us look things over in person. We want your vehicle to operate well, safely, and to the best of its abilities as you drive on a regular basis.

auto repair in Philadelphia

Finding Auto Repair Options

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Every vehicle is going to need maintenance and auto repair in Philadelphia, PA over its years of use so when you are in need, it’s a good idea to have a repair shop in mind the help you. It’s better to look around and find a trustworthy, reputable shop when you aren’t in dire need so you can take your time in figuring out which shop is best for your vehicle. Here are some tips for finding the auto repair options in the area.

Look Online

The first thing most people do when they are looking for professionals of any kind is look online. And you can get a lot of details that way. Look at auto repair shop websites and see which have the services you need, a convenient location, and fair prices. You can also look at review sites outside their websites and see what people say about them. If you see too many negative things, you might want to consider another set of professionals.

Get Advice From Friends

Most of the people you know probably have vehicles and all of those vehicles need services. So it’s likely that most of your friends are going to have advice on what auto repair shops in the area they use and appreciate. Ask around to see who has had good experiences. You may find a friend or two with the same auto shop, both raving about the services they have had there. You can trust that shop to do the same for you when you visit.

Try It Out With An Oil Change

If you want to have a shop in mind for when you need repairs, try out a shop you are considering with an oil change. This is a simple process that most shops can do with ease and it can give you a sense of how they operate. Did they tell you it would take an hour and you sat there for two? Were they friendly? What was the waiting room like? These are the types of things to watch for with simple maintenance so you can judge whether or not you want to return for other repairs in the future.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PATalk To The Technicians

Technicians are often holed up in the shop, but if you ask to speak to them, you certainly can. Talk to them about their experience on vehicles like yours and what recommendations they have for you in terms of maintenance that might be arising in future visits. Talking to them can give you a sense of their experience, history, and expertise in the industry as a whole.

When you need auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, or if you are just looking for an auto repair shop to help you when you do need it, contact the professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center for help. We want to earn your trust by showing you up close what we see on your vehicle if it ever needs repairs. And we can do oil changes and other regular things, too.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PA

Get Small Auto Repairs To Avoid Large Issues

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Isn’t it better to replace a few shingles on your roof to prevent leaks than ignoring the issue and ending up needing a whole roof? Of course! Addressing small auto repairs instead of allowing them to become big auto repair in Philadelphia, PA problems is in your best interest, too. Here are a few reasons why getting small repairs done can help you to avoid larger issues.

Small Repairs Cost Less

How much costs, less, getting brake pads changed out or having to completely replace the brakes? Getting brake pads, of course. That’s a small repair that every vehicle is going to need eventually. If you ignore the need for a small repair of that manner in your vehicle, then you’re going to end up with bigger problems that cost a lot more. That’s not what any driver wants.

Small Repairs Help To Avoid Big Issues

When you fix something small on your vehicle, it’s like a mini-warning sign that something larger is on the horizon. But when you take care of the issue, it wards off the bigger problem. You have the small thing fixed and then, the bigger thing that it was warning you about never happens. Small repairs, when addressed soon enough, can help you avoid big things completely.

Small Repairs Don’t Cause The Car To Stop

Smaller repair needs aren’t going to impact the vehicle so much that you are stranded at the side of the road. If you ignore them long enough, bigger things will happen and that’s where you’ll find yourself. But fixing small things soon will allow you to keep drive safely without worrying about being late because you broke down on the way there.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PASmall Repairs Are Fast Fixes

Small repairs don’t take very long to fix. They include small parts that are easy to access and switch out or fix. You don’t have to sit in the waiting room very long and you don’t have to leave your vehicle there for days on end. They don’t take long to address, unlike larger issues which can cost you a lot of time in addition to a lot of money.

When you address small things that are starting to wear and need repairs on your vehicle, you are doing the right thing for the efficiency and effectiveness of your car overall. You avoid larger issues, that is going to cost more time and money. When you need auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, or if you need something simple like an oil change and tune up, the professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center are here to help. We’re always going to give our customers advice on fixing small things in order to avoid the larger problems. And you can trust our advice. We aren’t going to tell you to do something on your vehicle unless it’s what we would do on our own car. We never try to pull anything over on anyone and we want you to do only the things that are necessary.

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