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Tires are more than just pulling a vehicle in taking the tires off and putting new ones on. You need to learn how to listen to the customer and their needs. Here are some of the major issues we find are noise, vibrations, handling and wear.



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Noise – Most tire manufacturers put a lot of thought and theory into how to make their tires quiet. Here are a few things I have learned over the past 19 years.

  • Buying an all-season tire and not all-terrain tire
  • House brand tires are well priced but usually cause more noise
  • Correct speed rating. Check your cars manufacturer recommended tire size and speed rating

VibrationsVibrations can usually be felt in the steering wheel and in the seats. The most common speed it 55-60 mph.  Tires being out of balance is way they vibrate. There are different reasons why they become out of balance.

  • Wheel weights fall off from age or hitting potholes.
  • Tires need to be balanced due to normal tread wear. If you have half the tread left the weight that was needed for a new tire will not work. Simple tire balance should do the trick.
  • Shifted belt will usually cause a severe vibration and a bad wobble. You must replace the tire itself as soon as possible. This is dangerous to drive on and will cause a blowout.

HandlingTire speed rating, tread style and alignment are the major reasons tires do not handle well.

  • Tread style. You want to make sure you are putting the correct tread style on. If you put an all-terrain tire or sport tire on a car that was designed for all-season tires, it will affect the ride and handling.
  • Alignment. The car’s alignment is critical to how much tread actually hits the ground and how fast they wear down. If the alignment is off (which it mostly is), you could wear a tire up to 90% faster than normal. Get your alignment checked yearly. We offer FREE ALIGNMENT CHECKS all the time.

Wear When tires wear down below 50% tread the handling and braking distances are severely compromised. We recommend changing them at 4/32nds of an inch to avoid these issues.

  • Alignment. Like we said above this is one of the main reasons tires wear faster than normal.


Schafer’s Auto Center Tire Servicing


With the newer tires on today’s cars, you need the best equipment possible. We carry the hunter revolution tire machine. It is the state-of-the-art tire mounting and dismounting machine. It is completely touchless which means scratchless.

We take great pride in tires.  We care how they are mounted, balanced and installed.  At Schafer’s we are proud to offer a nationwide road hazard warranty that comes with FREE tire repairs and FREE tire rotations for the life of the tire.

No matter if they are 14 inch or 33 inch. We normally can get all makes, models and sizes of tires same day and installed.

Hunter Road Force Balancer

Introducing the Hunter Road Force Balancer, a revolutionary solution redefining precision in wheel balancing at Schafer’s Auto. Engineered with cutting-edge technology, this state-of-the-art machine goes beyond traditional balancers, providing unparalleled accuracy by simulating real-world road conditions.

Equipped with advanced diagnostic capabilities, the Hunter Road Force Balancer identifies and resolves vibration issues, ensuring a smoother ride and extended tire life. Its intuitive interface and swift operation make it the go-to choice for achieving optimal balance, reducing vibration, and enhancing overall driving performance.

At Schafer’s Auto, we’re proud to offer this industry-leading tool, empowering us to deliver top-tier services and an enhanced driving experience for our valued customers. Experience the precision and expertise of the Hunter Road Force Balancer—your gateway to unparalleled balance and driving perfection.

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