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Preventative Auto Repair On Brakes

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It’s wise to take good care of every part of your vehicle, but you especially need the brakes to work well for the safety of everyone in your car. Instead of waiting for the brakes to go bad, hoping that you make it out okay, it’s best to do preventative maintenance on them to keep them in good shape. You can get auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, and ensure that you have what you need when you have to stop the vehicle quickly, or even at a stoplight. Here are some preventative things to do.

Change Brake Pads As They Wear

Brake pads are going to be the first thing that wears. You might notice the brakes starting to squeal a little, or the vehicle taking longer to stop. The technicians will also check your brakes when you take your car in for an oil change or any other service. If they say the brake pads are wearing, listen to advice and see when they feel you should change them out. Changing brake pads is not very expensive compared to other things that can go wrong. And getting them changed out prevents other things from happening.

Flush Out Brake Fluid When Needed

Brakes have a lot of things that work together, the brake fluid being one of them. It might eventually get dirty and you should have it flushed out and replaced so you are able to get the clean fluids you need when you need them. Have the technicians check on that as well. It usually needs to be done every 25,000 miles or so.

Have Professionals Run Repairs, Not DIY

While there are some things you might be able to do on your vehicle on your own, it’s wise to have professionals deal with the brakes. The brakes are an important part of any car and you want them to work effectively every time you need them. If there are repairs or maintenance items that need to be done, have the professionals care for them.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PATreat The Brakes Kindly

When you need to stop, slamming on the brakes is not a habit to get into. There might be times when you have to stop short, but in general, go easy on your brakes. It’s better to stop slowly so you aren’t wearing down the brakes before their time.

If you need auto repair in Philadelphia, PA for your brakes, or you just want to prevent them from wearing down before they should, the professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center are here to help. Give us a call if you notice anything going wrong with your brakes. If you hear squeaking, notice a longer stopping distance, or anything else, get in for a checkup and tune-up. It’s best to deal with smaller braking issues before they become larger problems. You want your car to be able to stop at normal times, but also in emergency situations. If you have questions about what needs to be done and when we’re here for that as well.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PA

Common Reason For Car Jerking When Accelerating

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If you notice that your car often jerks when you are accelerating, there can be lots of reasons for it. It’s best to get advice from professionals and possibly even auto repair in Philadelphia, PA so you don’t cause another, more serious issue to arise by ignoring it. Here are some of the common reasons why the car might jerk when you are trying to speed up.

Dirty Air Filters

Air filters don’t seem like a big deal, but they are in constant use and they can get clogged and plugged up. The car can stutter and not function properly when they are too dirty. You can easily replace them and it won’t be that costly to keep on top of that kind of auto repair.

Worn Out Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are another part that can wear out and need to be replaced so there aren’t power shortages in the vehicle. When there are shortages as the plugs wear down, the jerking might occur. Spark plugs aren’t a hugely expensive part, either, and they could be the answer to the issue.

Damaged Gas Lines

If the gas lines are damaged, they could prevent the fuel from flowing through the vehicle properly, which means the car won’t function well. It might jerk as it tries to deliver the gas it needs from one location to another.

Damaged Cylinders

If the cylinders stop functioning as they are supposed to, the car could very well jerk as you accelerate. You might be able to repair the cylinders in certain cases, but you could also replace them if they are too worn.

Dirty Fuel Injectors

Fuel has to go through the lines and the injectors can get dirty from that transfer. That will compromise the way the fuel works within the vehicle. When you need to go faster, you press on the gas and if you have a reduction in fuel flow because of dirty injectors, you could feel the jerking.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PADamaged Acceleration Cables

If these cables are damaged, it’s hard for the car to push itself faster and it might jerk as it attempts to do what you are asking of it as you press on the gas pedal.

There are lots of things that can go wrong with a vehicle over the years and if you are noticing that yours isn’t running right, especially when you accelerate, you might want to take it in for auto repair in Philadelphia, PA. Get a tune up and have the vehicle checked over so you can ensure that it is running properly and efficiently. That way, you can get everything you want out of it, including a safe ride and a comfortable drive. The professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center are here to answer questions if you want to talk to us by phone, or we can set up a time for you to come in and have us look over your vehicle from end to end and diagnose any issues we see.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PA

The Power Of Auto Repair And Maintenance

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It’s important to take care of any vehicle you buy because once it’s yours, it’s your responsibility. There are some things you know you have to do, like getting gas, in order to make the vehicle run at all. But there are other things you will want to do, like regular auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, to make the vehicle run well. Having auto repair and maintenance done can really be a powerful thing. Here are a few things they will do.

Give Your Vehicle Better Mileage

When you keep up with maintenance, your car is going to run better and more efficiently. You don’t have to get to the gas station as often because the vehicle is using more than it should. You want that, of course, because it means spending less money on your vehicle’s gas and taking less time at the gas station.

Create A Smooth Ride

You’ve probably ridden in a bumpy vehicle before and it’s much nicer to have a smooth ride. When you keep up with auto repairs, your vehicle will give you the best ride it can. It’s nice to be comfortable too and from school, to and from work, and on errands. It’s nice for you and the rest of the family.

Vehicle Longevity

Most people buy vehicles that are meant to last because they don’t want to have to spend money on another vehicle in a year or two. When you maintain your vehicle and repair the things that need to be repaired along the way, it’s going to last longer than it would if you were to ignore those things and let small problems get bigger.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PAAutor repair is something no one wants to have to do, but every vehicle is going to need it. However, when you maintain your vehicle well, it will need fewer repairs. Plus, when it does need repairs, they will be small things and they will be caught early. The beauty of a well-maintained vehicle is that when you are maintaining it, the mechanic will notice when small things are happening. You can then address those things, thus avoiding the larger issues that would be coming up if you were to ignore the small things. Larger things cost more, take more time to fix, and cause even more damage to other things in the vehicle.

Maintaining your vehicle is completely up to you, but the professionals who specialize in auto repair in Philadelphia, PA are there to help you keep track of everything you need to do. When you need an oil change, a tune up, a repair, or just have questions, contact Schafer’s Auto Center. We want you to take good care of your vehicle and we’re happy to be your partner in that. We will offer recommendations of maintenance items to do at certain intervals so you can take good care of your car and make sure it is safe and efficient all at the same time, so it lasts longer.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PA

Q&A On Preventative Auto Repair And Maintenance

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There might be some things you know about your vehicle, but overall, you just drive it and you’re in the dark about how it works. As long as you pay attention when your car needs maintenance and auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, that’s usually good enough. But there might be a side to you that wants to know more, especially about preventative maintenance. Here are some questions and answers from professionals to help you learn what you need to know.

Why Is Preventative Maintenance Even Important?

Can’t you just wait until your car breaks down and then fix whatever is wrong at that point? Sure, you can, but that’s not recommended. When you prevent something from breaking down in the first place, you save money. Small repairs don’t take much time, effort, or money. When you catch something small, before it becomes a larger ordeal, you can save yourself all of that grief. Instead, though, when things become a bigger deal, they cost more, hit your vehicle hard, and cause more time to pass between repairs. It’s not all about money, either. By running preventative maintenance on your vehicle, you are able to keep things operating efficiently and safety, which is also highly important.

What Preventative Maintenance Should Be Done?

Once you recognize the importance of preventative maintenance, you might want to know what sorts of things you should do. Different auto repair shops may have different recommendations. There are some small things, like replacing your windshield wipers, getting oil changes, and other such things. Then, there are larger things like fluid checks, battery replacement, and other items. Take a look at your owner’s manual and follow the guidelines there along with recommendations from a trusted mechanic.

How Often?

You should get an annual tune-up for your vehicle to keep it running effectively and efficiently. You can get things checked over when you get oil changes as well, but the big things only need to be looked over and checked every year.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PAIs DIY Possible?

There are some maintenance items you can do at home. You can, for example, change out your windshield wipers and add washer fluid. But most items, like changing your oil, checking the brakes, and other such things are best left to professionals. You want these things done correctly for the safety of your vehicle and for its longevity, too. There’s no sense in wasting your time or money when you can have it done right the first time with quality providers.

When you need auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, or if you have questions about maintenance that you want to get done to prevent larger problems in the future, contact the professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center for help. We’re available to you for questions, advice, maintenance, small or large repairs, and everything in between. We want your vehicle to last for a long time and run properly in the meantime. It’s best to take care of it so it doesn’t end up costing you more.

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