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auto repair in Philadelphia, PA

Reasons to Pull Over

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We understand there is little else more annoying than making progress into a drive only to realize that you must pull over. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of not taking the situation seriously enough in order to avoid having to pull over. Not only can that be an extremely dangerous situation to put yourself in, but it could also put others on the road in danger as well. Below, we are going to break down some of the top reasons you should pull your vehicle over when driving. For those looking for auto repair in Philadelphia, PA we are always open and willing to help all who walk through our doors. Contact us for more information!

Extreme Weather

One of the most important things to keep in mind for all drivers is to remain mindful of the weather forecast at all times. Extreme weather conditions can pose a huge hazard to those driving out on the roads, so if the news has stated that the weather will be extreme, then it’s best to stay home for your safety. Additionally, if you do find yourself out on the roads in the middle of treacherous weather conditions then there are things you can do. Firstly, you’ll want to avoid panicking. While it can be frightening to drive through torrential rains, snow, and ice, it’s best to stay calm and keep your composure. We suggest that you pull over while making sure to turn on your 4-way flashers and wait for the storm to pass in a parking lot. Some people may make the choice to pull over to the side of the road, however, if visibility is low then this option could be dangerous because it could put you at risk of getting hit by unaware drivers.

Engine Problems

If you are driving and begin to notice a strange smell, smoke, engine dashboard light turning on, or a loud noise, we recommend pulling over immediately. These types of warning signs and issues usually point to the engine, and when it comes to a vehicle’s engine we definitely do not want to mess around. If you encounter this situation, we recommend pulling over and having a look at your engine yourself. If you are unfamiliar with how to do so, then we suggest calling a company for some additional help.

auto repair Philadelphia, PATire Trouble

Before hitting the road, it’s always a good idea to make sure that you have a spare tire, jack, and lug wrench with you. This is because if you are out on the road and notice that your vehicle is beginning to wobble, vibrate, pull to one side, or make terrible noises then this could mean disaster. In this instance, you’ll want to pull your vehicle over and inspect its tires and wheel lugs. If you find that your tire is flat, then you’ll want to pull over to the far side of the road, put on your 4-way flasher, and fix the issue. If, however, you are on a highway, then we suggest calling roadside assistance.

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auto repair in Philadelphia, PA

Signs of Brake Failure

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When driving your vehicle every day, it’s easy to get used to unusual quirks and noises without giving them a second thought. Unfortunately, ignoring some of these signs can lead to car trouble over time. To avoid any unnecessary and costly trips to the mechanic, we’ve put together a list of some telltale signs you should be mindful of that could indicate that your vehicle’s brakes are beginning to fail. If you do find that you are in need of auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, do not hesitate to reach out by giving us a call or stopping by for a visit!

Increased Stopping Distance

If you’ve been driving and have noticed that it is taking a long time for your vehicle to stop, then this could be a clear sign that your brakes are failing. While you may not be fully aware of how long your vehicle usually takes to stop after hitting the brake, any time that it seems it requires much more effort or force definitely is a sign that there is an issue with your brakes. We suggest taking your vehicle to a mechanic so that they must assess the situation in more depth. It’s important not to ignore this sign as it could put your own safety at risk.

High-Pitched Noises

There is little else more embarrassing than driving people around only to have your brakes make an unpleasant squeaking, knocking, or grinding sound every time you stop or slow down. Truthfully, the issue could be much more serious than you realize. If you notice your brakes making a high-pitched whining after stepping on it, then this could mean that your vehicle’s brake pads are wearing down. We suggest getting them changed as soon as you encounter this noise!

Brake Grabbing

If when you are driving you notice that your vehicle has begun pulling to one side after braking, this could mean a few things. It could mean that your vehicle has a faulty brake hose, and it also could mean that there is a pressure imbalance in your brake’s calipers. Whichever one it is, your vehicle will definitely require some maintenance in order to get things sorted out.

auto repair Philadelphia, PA

Spongy Brakes

When out on the road, if you find that you are pressing your brake only to have to need to press it even further then this could be a sign of spongy brakes. Spongy brakes occur when there is a moisture build-up within the master cylinder and brake fluid. If you are finding that you need to press the brake pedal to the floor in order to stop properly, we suggest taking your vehicle somewhere for a closer look.

Brake Pulses

If when you press your brake, you feel like you are receiving some pulse-like feedback then this may signify a warped brake rotor. This does not mean that your brake rotor is broken, however, it could also be that it was improperly installed.

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Warnings of Failing Brakes

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Having an issue with your vehicle’s brakes can be frustrating, scary, and a cause for much concern. While we want to avoid auto repair at all costs, when it comes to the brakes in our vehicles, this is not an issue that should be taken lightly. If you’ve been driving around with brakes that don’t seem completely normal, then you will definitely want to listen up and read on for more information. We are breaking down all of the signs of failing brakes in vehicles so that you can take action immediately! If you need auto repair in Philadelphia, PA we are only a phone call away!

Slow Stopping Response

If you have been driving around recently and have noticed that your vehicle’s brakes don’t seem to stop fast enough or aren’t as responsive, then this could signal a larger problem. This could potentially mean that your car’s brake pads are worn out as typically when that happens it causes a loss of friction over time. While this is usually attributed to worn brake pads, it could also signal a leak in the braking system. All in all, if you are driving and discover that your brakes simply are slow to act or are unresponsive altogether, it is absolutely recommended that you seek out help immediately for this issue.

High-Pitched Bellowing

There is little more embarrassing than cruising down the road to a stop when all of the sudden your car brakes make a high-pitched screech like some kind of hurt animal. If you have encountered this issue with your brakes recently, do not panic, but stay alert. High-pitched noises when braking usually foreshadows a failing braking system. Oftentimes, this high-pitched noise is found to be coming from a small piece of metal connecting to your brake pads. We recommend that if you do hear this sound, keep alert and be proactive about taking in your vehicle for further assessment and inspection or break repair by a trained professional.

Grinding Noises

Believe it or not, some people fail to catch the initial high-pitched screech of deteriorating brakes and encounter a grinding noise in its place. If you are someone who has failed to be alerted to the high-pitched screech and are now encountering a crunching, grinding noise then it is time to listen up! This noise is usually an indicator that the brake pads have completely worn out. If your vehicle is making anything close to this noise when attempting to brake, it is time to take your car in immediately as this is a serious safety hazard.

Brake Pedal Vibration

Is there an unknown vibration emanating from your brake pedal each time you press it? This is a telltale sign of a warped rotor. Similar to the previous example, a warped rotor typically requires an immediate replacement.

Spongy Brakes

If your brakes require that you press the pedal all the way to the floor in order to work, this is a sign that you are either low on brake fluid or that your brake pads are too thin. For most cars, these types of issues will usually display on your dashboard, but be sure to act anyway even if there is no warning light alerting you of any issue.

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Maintaining Fleet Vehicles

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Owning a business requires constant maintenance service. Additionally, having a fleet of vehicles to maintain can be a tricky task to manage all on your own. Fortunately, this does not have to be as daunting as the process has probably been to you thus far. In fact, we have some easy and simple ways you can expertly maintain the health of each vehicle to avoid any unnecessary auto repair bills in the future. If you are interested to learn more about how you can keep your fleet in tip-top condition, read on! We provide expert auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, and would be more than happy to assist you in any way that we can!

Fleet Inspector 

As the head of a company, we know that there are many different hats you must wear, so hiring a fleet inspector can be a great help! For this type of position, someone would be responsible for the overall maintenance and upkeep of all of the vehicles for your business. The fleet inspector should have a fleet safety checklist that they can use when inspecting new vehicles as well as any coming in for any maintenance. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to have the hired fleet inspector work closely alongside a mechanic so that they can ensure the safety of all the vehicles before sending them back. 

Reports Made Easy 

With maintaining a fleet of vehicles, it’s important and essential that your drivers have a simple and effective way to communicate any issues they encounter with their vehicles. Truth is, your drivers will most likely have a way better understanding of how the vehicles run day-to-day, so it’s necessary that you create an open channel of communication in which they can alert of any potential issues or damage to their vehicles. With the help of either an app or reporting protocol, problems and issues with your fleet can be caught well before they have the chance or opportunity to escalate into more serious issues. We recommend having a trained mechanic routinely assess and follow up on these reports. 

Educate Drivers 

While it’s important to make sure that your drivers are reporting issues with their vehicles, it’s also vital that they understand the basics and are properly educated as well. Some of the things your drivers should understand are how to understand read the dashboard’s various warning lights, basic car maintenance, such as changing a tire, and road safety training. Not only will this take a lot of the pressure off of the mechanics and fleet inspector, but it will also give you peace of mind in knowing that your drivers and safe while out on the road each day. 

Fleet Management Software Auto Repair in Philadelphia PA

A lot of fleet-based businesses are finding that fleet management software is essential in helping them stay on top of the management of their vehicles over time. Doing so also ensures that you don’t require as much staff in order to get things done. Oftentimes, this type of software includes things like vehicle tracking, maintenance scheduling, job assignment and completion, communication with drivers, and much more services! 

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