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Maintaining The Heating And Cooling System With Auto Repairs

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Your heating and cooling system do a lot for your vehicle. First, it keeps you comfortable inside your car while you are driving to and from work and everywhere else. Second, another part you may not think of very regularly, the cooling system keeps the engine cool enough to operate at the proper temperature. The coolant in that area is a mix of water and antifreeze that circulates through the engine to take the heat away. The cooling in your vehicle often takes the proper level of Freon.

If you don’t have enough coolant in any area, your engine won’t stay cool and neither will the interior of the vehicle. Not only does your engine need coolant to stop from overheating, but it has to get the right kind of coolant, as the manufacturer instructs. Different makes of vehicles have different formulas for coolant that help to protect against corrosion. The coolant needs to be fresh and the additives that help stop corrosion deplete over time. The coolant itself, when it is getting old, can start to eat away at cooling parts within the system. You will be able to tell based on your owner’s manual when you need to get more coolant and what type.

The actual parts within the cooling system will wear out over time as well. The radiator is something that often has leaks or clogs because of deposits and heavy use over the years. IT can sometimes be cleaned or repaired, other times, it needs to be replaced. There are also pressure caps on radiators that can’t hold the right pressure any longer. Once those caps are replaced and the coolant is changed, that problem goes away. IT’s a good idea to change the caps if the coolant is being changed out.

Water pumps and hoses around the area can also leak and need to be repaired or replaced. And then there’s the thermostat part that opens and closes to help regulate coolant as it flows to the right location. Those can stick open or get stuck closed, which makes the cooling system malfunction. Those have to be replaced when that happens.

Engine damage is something no driver wants since it can be very expensive to repair or, worse yet, replace completely. The cooling system is an important function to the engine so when you get oil changes or other routine maintenance, have it checked over to maintain efficiency on every label.

Whether you know you need auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, or you just need an oil change and tune up, the professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center are here to help. Call SAR at (215) 755-1270 to book an appointment or to ask questions about what your vehicle might need. You can also visit our shop at 1924 S Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19148, talk to our technicians, and get tips on maintaining your vehicle for the best possible efficiency for as long as possible. We’re here to help however we can!

auto repair in Philadelphia, PA

Taking Care Of A Car’s Engine

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There are a lot of working parts that you have to care for within your vehicle to keep it operating smoothly. Some parts, you can see, and you know they need care. The tires, for example. You can tell when they are low and need more air and you can see with your eyes that they are worn and need to be replaced. However, the engine isn’t something you see on a regular basis. When your engine needs auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, it’s not something you may notice right away. Engine repairs can be expensive and it’s much better to keep your engine in working order in the first place. Here are a few things to do in order to take care of your engine.

Get Oil Changes

If you don’t get your oil changed on a regular basis, it’s the engine that suffers. The engine will eventually break down if you avoid the oil changes. Keep tabs on when you got the last oil change and how many miles you should go between them. Perhaps mark on your calendar when it has been three months since the last change so you can take a look at your mileage and see if you are due again.

Use The Right Oil

As is true with anything on the market these days, there are lots of different types of oil and some work better for your vehicle than others. Once your car hits a higher mileage, you might need a different type of oil, for example, to keep the engine in prime shape. Ask the auto repair technician what the manufacturer recommends for your vehicle or look it up in the owners’ manual to ensure you are getting the right type of oil for your engine.

Get Tune Ups

The engine works hand in hand with many other parts of your vehicle and in order to work efficiently, everything else has to work well, too. When you get those oil changes, have the technician tune up and check over the rest of the vehicle so you know that everything is working well together, and your car can run effectively for the long haul. You don’t’ want to get stuck somewhere in the winter (or ever!) because you avoided a good tune-up when you could have had one.

If you want to keep your engine in the best working order for as long as possible, pay attention to auto repair in Philadelphia, PA. Not everyone is comfortable with vehicles and their repair and maintenance needs and that’s okay, too, because you have Schafer’s Auto Center on your side. Give us a call at (215) 755-1270 and we can help you figure out when you need to mark an oil change on your schedule. We can also tune your vehicle up so that the engine and everything else is in fine working condition. Visit SAR with questions or for an appointment at 1924 S Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19148 and we’ll help in any way we can.

auto repair Philadelphia

Helping Your Credit With Auto Repairs

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There are a lot of things that can happen to your credit over the years. Perhaps you racked up a little debt you weren’t able to pay off in time and now, your credit is suffering. You want to get a loan for a house or something else and your credit score is prohibiting that. Did you know that you can use auto repair in Philadelphia, PA to help repair your scores? Here’s how!

When you go to the auto repair center for an oil change, how do you pay for the service? Most people use a credit card and you probably will, too. When your credit card bill comes in, you need to plan ahead and make sure you have the money you need in your account to cover the oil change and everything else you’ve spent. Don’t spend money on your credit card unless you have the cash in hand to cover it. Then, pay the bill in full every month…on time. Even if you only charge oil changes and gas to the card, (which is a good idea while you get debt under control), you will be proving that you are trustworthy and can pay things on time and in full. That will help you raise your credit score little by little so you can get the loan you need.

If you go to a banker, one of the things you can show to prove that you are good with making plans is that you have regularly serviced your vehicle. You can take in payment stubs that showcase that you have gotten an oil change every so many miles and other things that have needed to be done. You don’t ignore your responsibilities. This may or may not hold much weight with a banker, but it’s something, at least.

If you have a car loan, paying that on time or at least making the minimum payment can help you repair your credit scores as well. Sometimes, if you have debt in too many places, it can be hard to get the payments in. Consolidate those, if you can, all to one location and that can help you have just one payment that you can afford to make all at once.

While it might not show right away, when you charge your auto repair in Philadelphia, PA to a credit card and then pay that card off in a timely manner every month, you are doing your credit score a service. That will help you raise the score so you can get a mortgage or a loan for another reason with a lower financing rate. When you need an oil change or another service, contact the professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center by calling (215) 755-1270. We’re here to help with any car need you might have. At SAR, we won’t tell you that you need a service unless it’s what we would do on our own vehicle. Visit us soon at 1924 S Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19148.

auto repair in Philadelphia

Winter Preparations In Auto Repair

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Even though it’s just now starting to cool a bit and feel a little more like fall, winter will be coming before we know it. When you think about winter, you might remember your freezing fingers on your steering wheel and everything that can go wrong when you drive during that season. The good news is that if you do the right auto repair in Philadelphia, PA and other preparations, you can be ready for the winter months with ease. Here are a few tips trained professionals recommend:

Check The Battery

Cold weather has a huge impact on your vehicle’s battery. It’s always the coldest day that your car won’t turn over because of a dead battery. It’s never convenient so you want to make sure your battery is fully charged and ready to go. You can get a battery load test the next time you need auto repairs or an oil change to see if anything needs to be cleaned or changed out before the snow takes over the streets.

Change Wiper Blades

We’ve all seen people driving down the road with one small circle clear on their windshields as the snow and ice builds up. That’s likely due to bum wiper blades. It’s dangerous to drive when you can’t see, and you don’t want to be that person putting yourself or others in danger. Get new wiper blades before the winter hits so you have fresh vinyl to wipe the snow and ice away. Also check your wiper fluid and top it off for when things get slushy.

Check Tire Pressure

Every time or every other time you get gas, walk around your car with a gauge and check your tire pressure. Some vehicles even have interior gauges today that will give you a digital reading on the dashboard whenever you want. Keep an eye on that because colder air can cause tire pressure to drop, which can impede on your gas mileage and even how well your car handles on the road. Keep the tires filled well to get the best traction.

Get An Emergency Kit Together

If you’re ever stranded in a ditch waiting for a tow truck, you’ll be so glad you have one of these. Put together some first aid materials, jumper cables, warm blankets, granola bars, water, and other items that you might need if you have a long wait and cold weather all around you.

When you get ready for winter, the professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center can help with auto repair in Philadelphia, PA. No one likes to think about the season changing too quickly, but it’ll be upon us before you know it. SAR can help with the changes you need to make to your vehicle to help it to run smoothly all winter long. Call us at (215) 755-1270 for an appointment or stop by and ask questions about what you need to do at 1924 S Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19148. We want your vehicle to be safe on the road in every season.

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