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Making cars cold is no easy task. Cars today use less freon than ever before which means that the ac systems have to be air-tight and leak proof. High pressures and lots of moving parts make this extremely difficult. By regularly checking pressures you can help avoid the air conditioning not working on the hottest day of the year.



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When an ac system runs low or out of freon, it will automatically shut down to help try and save the air conditioning compressor. The reason it runs out of freon is simple, it has leaked out. The problem is that the freon is a gas not a liquid so when it leaks out there, is no remanence of the leak in the ac system. What we do is remove any of the old freon, pull the system down into a deep vacuum (usually 25 inches of mercury), wait 5-50 minutes and see if the system sucks in air from the outside and loses vacuum. If it holds tight, we then fill the system with a dye that illuminates under UV light, if it leaks out. From there we fill the system with the exact amount of freon that the vehicle manufacturer calls for. This is so critical the system working correctly, if you are ¼ an oz off it may not work.

The freon machine you use must be able to handle the newer cars, if not you will cause damage. We have new digital ac machines that can handle any R134a system made.

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