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July 2017

What to do When you Need a State Inspection

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If you are new to the Philadelphia area, you might not know what to do when you need a state inspection. Not every state requires one, after all. If you’ve never had to have one before, what do you do? Where do you go? The answer doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, all you really have to do is call Schafer’s Auto Center. Here are a few other tips to help you out.

Determine Need

First, you will want to figure out when you need a state inspection. There’s no point in putting your life on hold and going in to the auto shop unless you need to. You can check out the requirements within the state to ensure you get the inspection you need, when you need it.

Ensure Auto Shop

You will want to take your vehicle in to an auto shop that meets the state’s requirements. If the state has not approved the shop to give state inspections, you can get one, but it won’t count. You need the shop to be pre-approved in order to make your inspection count. Luckily, Schafer’s Auto Center is definitely approved. You can bring your vehicle here to us in Philadelphia and get everything you need.

Call for an Appointment

In order to work around your busy schedule, it is best to call for an appointment. You can look at the calendar a few days in advance or even a week or two in advance and let us know what works best for you. We’ll put you down on our calendar and save that time for you. That way, when you get here with your vehicle, you will get the state inspection you need as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can go back to your everyday life faster when we expect you and make time to accommodate you.

Ask Questions

While you are at the Philadelphia, PA auto shop, it is a good time to ask questions about your vehicle if you have them. You have expert technicians giving your vehicle attention so if there is anything you want to know, it would be a good idea to ask. You might want to know whether or not you need new tires, what schedule is best for maintenance, or anything else that concerns you. Use your time wisely and you won’t have to research much on your own later.

If you need a state inspection, or just want to ask questions about them, contact Schafer’s Auto Center at 215-755-1270. We’ll make an appointment for you at a time that is convenient for you. We’ll get your car looked over and all of your paperwork in order. We’re conveniently located at 1924 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148 and we’re happy to help you with all of your vehicle needs. Whether you need a state inspection, a repair, an oil change, or anything in between, give us a call and bring your vehicle to us!

What Good is a Vehicle Inspection?

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Life is way too busy, isn’t it? You have work, a family, responsibilities, and way more on your to-do list than you’ll likely ever get done. So why should you stop everything and have a vehicle inspection in Philadelphia? There are plenty of reasons to do just that. Now, you aren’t going to want to skip any of your kid’s soccer games or skip out on important meetings at work, but you are going to want to find some time in your life for this important inspection.

A Vehicle Inspection Saves Money

How can that be? You have to pay money in order to have a vehicle inspection, right? Well, that small amount of money can save you loads later. When you have a vehicle inspection, the technicians might catch small things that they can easily clean or fix up for you. Those little things could spiral into bigger things later if you leave them alone. Working in a proactive manner saves you quite a bit of money later…and time too!

A Vehicle Inspection Guarantees Efficiency

Would you like to pay more money at the gas pump? No? Who would! When you get a regular vehicle inspection, your technicians will ensure that your vehicle is running as effectively and efficiently as possible. That means if your manufacturer says you are supposed to get 30 mpg on the highways, you will! You won’t have to worry about filling up on gas more often because your car isn’t running right.

A Vehicle Inspection Ensures Safety

You never know when something will go wrong with a vehicle. You probably hear news of recalls all the time. It’s hard to keep track of it all, isn’t it? When you get a vehicle inspection, you don’t have to! The technicians are there to make sure your vehicle is running in the best, most efficient, and safest manner possible. If there are any recalls, the technician can bring that up to you. If there is anything else that needs to be tweaked in order to ensure your safety, they’ll take care of that too. You want a vehicle that is safe when you are driving your family from place to place. It only makes sense to move things around in your life to make it that way.

Schafer’s Auto Center understands you have a lot going on in your life. That’s why we’re willing to work around your schedule to make sure you get the vehicle inspection in Philadelphia, PA you need. Give us a call today and set up an appointment at 215-755-1270. When it’s time to bring your vehicle in, you can drop it at 1924 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148 and head to work or you can stay and wait for it. We promise to get it in and out as fast as possible so you can get on with the important parts of your everyday life. At the same time, a vehicle inspection is very important as well. We hope to see you soon!

Brake Repair is Good for Your Health

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Doctors recommend that you visit once a year to get a checkup. This is a good idea for a number of reasons. First, the doctor gets to see you when you are healthy so they know what healthy looks like on you. Then, if anything goes out of whack, they will know what’s abnormal for your body. Second, it is a good idea to spot small signs that something might be wrong. The doctor can help you before anything gets out of hand. And third, your health is the most important thing you have. You need to take care of it.

When it comes to the health of your car, there are also things you need to do in order to maintain it. You have to get regular oil changes, for example. You will want to change filters and other fluids at the appropriate times. You will inflate the tires to the right levels and make sure you are following as much of the owner’s manual as possible.

Even if you do everything right, there may come a time when you need brake repair in Philadelphia. If or when that time comes, you should take your car in as soon as possible. Because as much as you care for your car’s health and well being, you care about your own even more. And when it comes to brake repair, taking the vehicle in is simply good for your health. Forget about the car, we’re talking about you here.

Failing brakes can cause a variety of issues. Obviously, if your brakes fail completely when you are driving at a high speed, you’re in big trouble. You could get in a very dangerous accident. Even if your brakes still work, but aren’t as good at slowing you down as before, you could still hit something or someone else and cause damage or injuries.

In reality, Philadelphia brake repair isn’t just about your health…or even the health of your vehicle! It’s about the health of everyone else driving around you as well. Who wants to be responsible for endangering someone else’s well being? No one! So get brake repair at the first sign that something might be wrong. Read up on signs that your brakes are starting to go bad and take your vehicle in for a checkup. If you catch it early enough, brake repair can be a small thing. Let it go and it can be much more costly…and dangerous to your health.

If you need brake repair and you know it, call Schafer’s Auto Center at 215-755-1270. If you need brake repair and you only suspect it, it’s still a good idea to visit. Get your car looked over and if there’s nothing wrong, you can drive away with peace of mind. Our shop is located at 1924 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148 and we’re happy to help you with brake repair any of your other car needs. We want you and your health to be safe on the road!

Why is Auto Maintenance and Service Important?

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As you are driving around Philadelphia, you may take your car for granted. It gets you from place to place on a regular basis and you don’t really think about it…until it breaks down. Then it becomes a big inconvenience and ordeal as you search for auto repairs fast. The best way to prevent this from happening is to think about auto maintenance and service more often. Don’t take your car for granted because it won’t allow you to forget about it forever! So why is auto maintenance and service important? Here are just a few reasons:

Reason 1: Regular Maintenance Keeps Efficiency High

Do you like what you see when you visit the gas pump? As the numbers rise higher and higher and your vehicle chugs in the gas? Of course not! No one does! You want to keep your car as efficient as possible so it will eat as little gas as possible. That means regular auto maintenance and service checks! Your car will run more effectively and efficiently if all of the little parts are working well together.

Reason 2: Auto Services Reveal Small Issues

When you get tune-ups and services for your vehicle, such as a regular oil change, your technician will notice if there is a small issue elsewhere that needs to be addressed. Leaving the issue alone may cause bigger problems in the future, which will cost you a lot more money in repairs. Fixing something small now can prevent a lot of headaches later.

Reason 3: Overall Safety

You may not think of your vehicle as dangerous, but that’s exactly what it is. You never know what’s going to happen in a car and in order to ensure that your vehicle is as safe as possible for you, your passengers, and those around you, you want to have regular auto maintenance and service done on it. Forgetting about those squeaks for too long could mean the brakes will fail at an inopportune time. You just can’t take that kind of chance.

Reason 4: Longevity

You want your vehicle to last as long and possible and the best thing you can do  is to get regular auto maintenance Philadelphia and service. This will extend its life for a number of years. Manufacturers give you an owner’s manual for a reason. They want you to follow those schedules because that is the best way to make the car work well for you!

If you need auto maintenance and service on your vehicle in Philadelphia, contact Schafer’s Auto Center. You can give us a call at 215-755-1270 and schedule an appointment or ask any questions you have about maintenance issues. We are hard-working, honest individuals and we will tell you like it is when it comes to your vehicle. We are located at 1924 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148 on one of the busiest streets in the city, making it convenient for you to drop by with your car between tasks.

Preventing Costly Auto Repair

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You may think that as an auto shop, we would want you to come and see us as often as possible. But at Schafer’s Auto Center, we’re hard-working, honest people. We just want to help you take care of your vehicle. We understand that auto repair in Philadelphia can be a huge inconvenience to your everyday life. So we recommend taking a few steps to prevent costly auto repairs. That way, you can go about your everyday life without as many so-called bumps in the road. Here are a few tips to help you prevent costly and inconvenient auto repair needs.

Tip 1: Follow the Maintenance Schedule

It’s hard to keep track of everything your vehicle needs and when it needs to be done. That’s why you have an owner’s manual. To help you look that information up from time to time. If nothing else, keep close track of your oil changes. When you bring the vehicle in for that small maintenance item, your mechanic can recommend anything else that needs to be done according to your manual.

Tip 2: Handle Problems Swiftly

If you notice anything “off” about your vehicle, deal with it sooner rather than later. There might be a small issue that can easily be addressed, but if you let it sit for longer, it can become much larger and more costly.

Tip 3: Change Things as Recommended

You will want to change fluids, filters, spark plugs and other items as the vehicle’s manufacturer recommends. These things wear out over time and if they go too far, they can cause auto repair to become necessary.

Tip 4: Keep Tires Inflated

It only takes a few moments to check your tires to make sure they are properly inflated. If your tires are too low or too inflated, they can cause excess wear and tear or even a blow out. Keeping the tires inflated perfectly will help you keep proper alignment as well.

Tip 5: Check Out Noises

If you hear noises in your vehicle, check the owner’s manual for information or call Schafer’s Auto Center for advice. Often, the noise is normal and you don’t need auto repair. We’re honest individuals and will tell you that if that is the case. The point is to listen for a change in the noises and check if you need auto repair Philadelphia.

Schafer’s Auto Center is a locally-owned and operated business. While we are always happy so see you come to us, we don’t want auto repair to be something that becomes necessary on your vehicle all of the time. We’d love to see you regularly for maintenance and then out and about around town the rest of the time. Contact Schafer’s Auto Center at 215-755-1270 to schedule your vehicle for auto repair or regular maintenance. We are conveniently located at 1924 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148 on one of the busiest streets in town. It’s simple to stop by and get things looked over between tasks on your schedule!

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