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Why Your Car Makes Noise When Turning

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Not only is it annoying to have your car sounding like it’s going to self-destruct every time you make the slightest turn, but it can be both embarrassing and a cause for some unwanted stress. Nobody wants to loathe getting behind the wheel due to an unruly car, which is why we’re going to break down what certain noises mean and what your vehicle may be trying to communicate to you. When looking around for auto repair in Philadelphia, PA we are always open and available to help when needed. While avoiding repairs altogether may not be entirely possible, particularly if your car is especially noisy, understanding the different reasons behind certain sounds can give you some tools to tackle this situation better in the future.


If you find that traveling at low speeds causes your car to emit a creepy creaking noise, then the issue may lie somewhere around your car’s suspension joints. Squeaking suspension parts are typically associated with a lack of lubrication in your vehicle. Additionally, if you find that the creaking is growing louder the more often you drive then this could signal that there is an issue with the car’s ball joints. To prevent this issue in the future, we recommend properly maintaining your vehicle’s suspension system.

Whining or Screeching

Is your vehicle whining like a child? Is the sound coming from your engine? If so, the issue may lie in your vehicle’s power steering pump. Similar to the previous explanation, this issue is typically found to occur when traveling at low speeds. Now, if your steering wheel is whining or screeching when you turn at normal speeds then this could be due to your power steering system.


Does driving at high speeds cause your car to make an awful and unsettling crunching noise? If so, we bet it has something to do with your car’s CV joints.


Encountering a clunking noise when turning your steering wheel could indicate a loose or broken tie rod.


If your vehicle is making a knocking noise when driving and turning, then it is most likely due to a defective sway bar link. If facing this issue, we recommend seeking help as quickly as possible as it can compromise your ability to safely operate your vehicle.

What to Do When Experiencing Noises When Turning

No matter which sounds you may be encountering upon turning and driving your vehicle, we highly recommend seeking out your closest auto repair shop for further inspection. It is likely that a mechanic willAuto repairs in Philadelphia, PA initially do a check on your vehicle’s suspension system and steering wheel to see if the issue lies somewhere between the two. Sometimes all that is required is simply lubricating the suspension system and other times it may be that you have worn out or defective car parts in need of replacement or repair. Before running to your nearest mechanic, however, be sure to do a quick sweep of your vehicle’s cabin to make sure that the noise isn’t the result of a rogue water bottle rolling around somewhere. This will not only save you money but any possible embarrassment as well.

Auto Repair in Philadelphia, PA has never been easier with us!

Should I Take My Car To The Dealer For Repairs

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Discovering that your trusty vehicle is in need of repairs that can’t be handled with a simple Google search can be frustrating—we get it. It is also understandable that you may seek out your dealership as a result, as they are readily equipped with skilled professionals who use state-of-the-art equipment, techniques, and processes. Yet, like everything, there are some downsides to this option. Here, we’ll explain why auto repair shops may save you a lot less headache than the latter. Philadelphia auto repair has never been easier when you come to us. Stop in and we’ll be happy to chat!

Certified Mechanics

Just like dealerships, auto repair shops are bursting with like-minded and skilled professionals who know their way around any vehicle issue. Auto repair mechanics are experts in their field and must go through extensive training before working in any shop. Additionally, many auto repair shops out there actually require that their mechanics earn an OEM certification. In case you’re not familiar, OEM stands for ‘original equipment manufacturer’ and guarantees that the mechanic can perform auto repairs with OEM parts. These parts are the same ones used during car assembly which is good news as it ensures that your mechanic has extensive knowledge in various types of parts, equipment, tools, and processes.

Personalized Support

While you are guaranteed skilled professionals when you go to a dealership for repairs, you also are setting yourself up to be just another customer among a sea of others. When you go to an auto repair shop, on the other hand, things are handled a lot differently. With shops, you are more than just a number, in fact, customers expect to receive more personalized support. Customers can expect opportunities to speak at length with their mechanics about any questions and concerns they may have. Additionally, your mechanic will often want to learn more about your vehicle’s history before beginning work, and while working on your vehicle they typically strive to keep their customer in the loop about any updates. They will even provide you with many car maintenance tips to further keep your car road worthy.


One of the most attractive reasons people make the switch over from dealership to local auto repair shop is the cost. Seeking out a dealership may bring you a certain peace of mind, yet when it comes time to pay up you can be left feeling blindsided by the cost of your bill. On the contrary, auto repair shops can offer you the exact same services as a dealership for just a fraction of the cost. We classify that as an easy determining factor—but you decide!

Auto repairs in Philadelphia, PANo, it’s never fun or exciting to realize that your vehicle is in need of some serious repairs. When we need professionals to turn to, it is common that we want only the best of the best for our vehicle. Yet, it’s important to understand that the best is not always the company that is the biggest. In fact, oftentimes, the best services out there are ones that offer a one-on-one personalized approach, which is what our auto repair shop guarantees. If you need auto repair in Philadelphia, PA we welcome you to stop by and talk to any of our skilled professionals!

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Which Car Color Gets Dirtiest the Fastest

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Picking out a new vehicle can be a very exciting endeavor. While we want the color of our car to be aesthetically pleasing, we should also take into consideration how easily dirt will show up on the vehicle over time. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t pick the color that you desire, but if you are someone who hates cleaning your vehicle then you may want to consider certain color options over others. If you are someone who enjoys cleaning their vehicle frequently, then do whatever you like! When looking for auto repair in Philadelphia, PA we hope that you will consider giving us a call or scheduling a visit!

Popular Options

According to Kelly Blue Book, some of the most popular color options for vehicles in 2021 are black, gray, and silver. It’s always best to opt for a neutral color when choosing a vehicle as these colors tend to appeal to many buyers. If you choose to sell your vehicle in the future, then a neutral color could be a great selling point.

Why Does My Car Get So Dirty?

Contrary to popular belief, the color of your car has no effect on why your vehicle tends to get so dirty so quickly. In fact, the reason for a dirty vehicle depends on many factors including, where you live, how much you drive, and where you park. If you live in a dry and dusty climate, for example, you could expect your car to require regular washing as opposed to if you lived somewhere a little more open. Additionally, if rain is common in your area, this can also be the cause of a dirty vehicle. While the color of your car doesn’t impact the speed at which it gets dirty, certain car colors do show dirt easier than others, which is why it sometimes seems as though your car is getting dirty rapidly. If you have a white car, for example, then you can expect to need to regularly clean your car to remove all of the dirt and buildup that is visible.

Best Car Color to Keep Clean

If you are looking for a vehicle that will be easy to keep clean, then your best options are beige, light blue, light gray, and silver. With these colors, dirt will not be visible as quickly as it would if your vehicle was white. If you are looking to actually hide all of the dirt and grime on your vehicle then you may want to opt for a beige, tan, champagne, or khaki-colored vehicle.

Colors that Easily Show Dirt

Contrary to what you may have believed, black is a car color that is actually prone to showing dirt easier than others. Black and darker vehicles are known to accumulate water spots after rainstorms; additionally, they also tend to attract large amounts of pollen, bird droppings, and grime.

auto repairs in Philadelphia, PAMaintaining a clean vehicle is easy for some individuals and harder for others. People who enjoy the upkeep and maintenance of keeping their car clean don’t have to worry as much about the color of their vehicles. If you are someone who dreads cleaning, then we highly suggest using our tips and opting for a vehicle that will easily hide accumulated dirt and grime. The next time you need auto repair in Philadelphia, PA we hope you stop by for a visit!

What To Do if You Hit a Deer

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Hitting a deer, even for an experienced driver, can be a very traumatizing event. Oftentimes, based on the location of where we live, deer collisions are unavoidable. While we can’t absolutely avoid these accidents and mishaps, there are a number of steps you can take when you encounter this situation. Many people immediately panic after hitting a deer, which we advise against. Below, we’ll inform you of the best steps you can take after you have struck a deer and how to move forward afterward. If you do find that you are in need of auto repair in Philadelphia, PA we hope that you choose us to care for your vehicle!

Hit and Run

While hitting a deer and taking off isn’t exactly illegal, we strongly encourage you to not go this route. Most states prefer if you contact local authorities after the incident to let them know of the status of the deer. Leaving an injured deer in the middle of the road can pose a serious risk to other unaware vehicles on the road. Overall, it’s best to stay safe and pull over after the incident and contact your local authorities as soon as possible.

Reporting a Deer Hit

When speaking with local authorities, they will walk you through what you need to do to ensure that you and your vehicle are safe until help arrives. Additionally, be sure to obtain a police report after the incident so that you can file an insurance claim.

Avoiding Deer Collisions

One of the first steps that you’ll want to take to avoid a deer collision is to watch the road. Be mindful of what is up ahead and stay focused while driving, especially in the dark where deer can be tough to spot. If it is very dark be sure to use your vehicle’s high beams so that you are able to spot any deer’s reflective eyes and also to increase your field of vision.

Wear Your Seatbelt

This suggestion may seem obvious but the importance of wearing your seatbelt can never be stated enough. While hitting a deer is obviously dangerous for the animal, it can also prove to be an extremely hazardous situation for yourself and any passengers, especially if you are not wearing your seatbelt.

What to Do After the Incident

You should never assume that your vehicle is safe to drive after you have struck a deer. Be sure to check forauto repairs in Philadelphia, PA any leaking fluid, loose parts, safety hazards, damage, and more. If you feel that your vehicle is damaged, we strongly advise that you play it safe and have your vehicle towed.

Striking a deer can be a very startling event. While it cannot always be avoided, there are definitely steps we can take to keep ourselves safe after the incident. Remember, it is never a good idea to leave the scene after the accident as this is putting other lives at risk. Your safety is of the utmost importance, so we hope that our tips and suggestions have given you more insight as to how to best handle this situation in the future. If you do find that you are in need of auto repair in Philadelphia, PA after a deer collision or any other accident, do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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