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It’s no secret that motor oil is one of the most important components needed to keep your car engine running smoothly. It keeps all the components in your engine lubricated and well-protected, so it can last for a long time. However, you also need to change it regularly or else it will build up and cause damage. Let’s go over why oil changes are necessary and how often you ought to change it.

At Schafer’s Auto Center, we take great care in servicing your car for any needs. The oil change is no different. We only use OE-recommended oil and OE-recommended oil filters. The first thing we do is a full complimentary car care checklist. Here is the list of free checks we do to your car to make sure it is safe and running well:

  • test drive for drivability concerns
  • alignment and tire check with print out
  • wipers, lights, horn, mirrors, and check for tire rotation
  • inspection stickers (see if they are expired)
  • heater, air conditioning fun
  • battery test
  • air filter, belts, hoses
  • brake fluid, coolant fluid
  • brakes (look though tires)
  • tires (tread, pressures, dry rot and nails)
  • suspension front and rear
  • exhaust
  • vehicle’s factory recommended maintenance
  • any other issues
  • We look to be the most transparent shop in the world.

We are experts in oil change in Philadelphia. We drain, remove and install a new oil filter fill oil to correct level with the correct oil. We also check and fill all the fluids, except brake fluid – that has a level sensor in it to notify you that the brakes are getting low.

Then we wash the car and return it to the customer.

Drop your car off, and we’ll give you a FREE UBER ride to your home or office