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What Auto Repair Shops See In Flat Tires

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Flat tires are never convenient. When was the last time you had one and thought, gosh, this really happened at a good time? Never. Flat tires are something everyone would like to avoid. They’re never expected and always happen when you’re on your way to something important. Your local Philadelphia, PA auto repair shop sees flat tires all the time and there are many reasons they occur. Here are some of the most common that might be able to help you avoid such an incident:  

Extreme Temperatures 

If there’s a huge drop in temperature, which certainly can happen in this region of the country, the low-pressure light might come on the dash board when you start up the car in the morning. Tires gain or lose 1 pound of pressure per square inch for every ten degrees the temperate changes. In extreme heat, tire pressure expands and that can go beyond what your tire can handle, which could cause it to fail. The best thing you can do is avoid driving during the most extreme times and keep an eye on the tire pressure. If your tires are too low, pump them up. When they get too high, let air out.  

Leaking Valve Stem 

The valve stem on a tire is what opens to allow you to fill or let air out of the tire. It should automatically seal to keep pressure in the tires, but if it’s dirty or damaged, the tire could be losing air without you knowing it. If you notice your pressure keeps dropping, stop by an auto repair shop to get it replaced or repaired before it gets worse.  

Tire Bead Leak 

Every now and then, the edge of the tire where the rim rests might cause air to leak out. Spray the wheels with soapy water and if you see bubbles in that area, you probably have a leak.  

Road Debris 

We’ve all hit things on the road like potholes, boards, scraps of metal and other items. These hazards can be hard to see or impossible to avoid. You can usually fix the tire with a patch if it starts to leak, but sometimes, the item ruins the tire and you have to get a new one, so the leaking will stop.  

Avoiding a flat tire isn’t always possible and when it happens to you, visit a Philadelphia, PA auto repair shop to make sure your tire is in the best possible condition for the roads. You don’t want to drive on a tire that explodes, putting you into a dangerous situation. Contact Schafer’s Auto Center at (215) 755-1270 to have professionals look over the tire that has been giving you trouble. One of the above things could be happening or it could be something more uncommon. SAR will figure it out one way or the other and make sure you get back on the road with a safe, efficient vehicle. Come visit us at 1924 S Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19148 and we’ll take a look at all of your tires. 

What’s Leaking From My Car?

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auto repair in Philadelphia, PAWhen you notice fluids on your garage floor or in your parking spot when you pull away, it’s alarming. What is it and what do you need to so about it? You may need auto repair in Philadelphia, PA or the leak could be normal. Before you panic and worry about huge costs, you first need to figure out where the leak is coming from and what it looks like.  

When you start to look into where the fluid originates, first make sure it’s really coming from your vehicle. If you see it in your garage and you’re the only one that parks in that spot, you can be pretty certain. If you see it in a public parking lot, it could be you, but it could be dozens of other cars that have been in that spot. If you’re not sure either way, get a flashlight out and look under your car.  

Once you know for sure the leak is coming from your vehicle, stuck cardboard or a big sheet of paper under your vehicle so you can catch some of what is leaking and determine what it is. The color of the fluid will tell you a lot.  

Red or pink fluids are generally transmission or power steering fluid. Those are two things you really don’t want to leak and you should get auto repair right away. Orange fluid could be an indicator of rest in the radiator or it could be transmission fluid. Neither is a great sign for your vehicle and you want to get it in for repairs right away instead of ignoring it as well. Yellow is usually a coolant which, if you use the wrong kind, there could be more leaks form the radiator. Brown fluids can come from several areas like brakes, the motor and so on. If it’s light brown, it’s probably motor oil. Dark brown is more often brake fluid, but either way, you need a mechanic.   

Then there’s clear fluids. This is the one you want to see because it’s usually nothing to work about. Clear fluids are condensation from the air system in your vehicle and totally normal. If you see clear fluid, you can still get things checked out if you’d like, but it’s not always necessary.  

If you can’t identify your leak, it’s best to get into a Philadelphia, PA auto repair shop sooner rather than later so you don’t take any chances. Small repairs now can save you a lot of money down the road and you don’t want to take a vehicle around that isn’t going to be reliable. Contact Schafer’s Auto Center at (215) 755-1270 to set up an appointment. You can also just stop in and talk to the technicians at SAR. We’re located at 1924 S Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19148. Tell us what the fluid looks like or bring in the sample you’ve collected, and we’ll pinpoint what’s going on and make recommendations to you. We want your vehicle to run as well as you want it to. 

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Tips To Avoid Traffic From Auto Repair Shops

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The holidays are the busiest travel season of the year and while you might deal with traffic regularly when you drive to and from work, it can be even more stressful when you are trying to get somewhere you really want to be. Use the tips from a Philadelphia auto repair shop to avoid as much traffic as you can when you travel.  

Tip 1: Plan Ahead 

If you’re on a flexible schedule, try to avoid major highways during rush hour and check GPS to identify the least busy routes. The more flexible you can be, the easier the trip will feel.  

Tip 2: Stay Alert 

There’s nothing worse for your driving skills than being distracted or drowsy. You need to stay on task to react to changing road conditions, vehicles around you, and other hazards that could cause you to need auto repair.  

Tip 3: Prevent Breakdowns 

You certainly don’t want to be the reason for a traffic jam and breaking down in traffic can also delay your own trip. Get an inspection before you head out so you know your vehicle is in best working order.  

Tip 4: Check Weather 

Weather conditions can throw the trip off quite a bit as well and cause traffic delays. Try to leave early is a snowstorm is coming or wait until it’s over and the roads are cleared. If you have to drive in unideal conditions, allow for extra time and drive slower.  

Tip 5: Be Prepared 

Before you take a road trip, especially in winter weather, prepare an emergency kit. You want to have a spare tire and things to change it with, blankets, water, snacks, and other such items in case something happens to your vehicle when you are on the road.  

Tip 6: Relax 

Of course, holidays can be stressful and you want to get where you need to be as soon as possible, but traffic is out of your control. Your attitude, however, is in your control. Be a courteous driver and remember that even small acts can help the drivers around you avoid auto repair and frustration as well.  

Getting where you need to go over the holidays and in winter weather conditions can be tough, but the tips from Schafer’s Auto Center can help you make the best out of it. Philadelphia auto repair is a good idea to book before you leave so you can rest assured that your vehicle is in good working order. Give us a call at (215) 755-1270 to get a maintenance schedule check for your vehicle. If you know everything has been tuned up and is in good working order, you’ll have more confidence when you hit the road. SAR is located at 1924 S Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19148 and we’re here to change your oil, rotate your tires, and check things over before you head out on your holiday travel plan. We want your vehicle to be as safe as possible for your adventure so you can get where you want to be. 

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Avoid Holiday Auto Repair

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When your vehicle breaks down, it’s likely an inconvenient time. Philadelphia auto repair is always available, but there are some times that you’d rather not have to get it. The holidays are one such time. When you are driving to get to a family member’s house or another holiday celebration, you don’t want to end up in the cold, at the side of the road, waiting for a tow truck and holiday repair. Here are some tips to help you avoid those kinds of repairs.  

Get An Inspection 

Before you set off on a road trip, especially in the winter when vehicles are under more stress, stop into an auto repair shop for an inspection and tune up. If there’s anything small wrong with your vehicle, the technician can fix it for you quickly before it turns into a bigger deal that has you stranded at the side of the road.  

Keep Up With Maintenance 

You know when your vehicle needs an oil change and you know it’s best to rotate the tires as well. There are other maintenance items you should keep up with as well, but you may not know about them all. Take a look at your owner’s manual and see what needs to be done and when. If you’re nearing needed maintenance, don’t avoid it, but rather get it done before the trip takes place.  

Plan Around Weather 

The weather conditions are going to happen, whether you like snow or not. Try to plan around those weather conditions. Go early before the snow starts to fall or wait until it’s done, and the roads are cleared. These are good ways to avoid accidents that could cause more auto repair items to be necessary.  

Drive With Care 

If your vehicle is in good working order, you’ll still want to keep yourself in check in order to get to your destination safely. Don’t drive when you are tired and don’t let things like phone calls and texts distract you. The vehicle is an important part of your safety, but your driving is the other half of the circle and does a lot to get you there without the need for auto repair.  

You can’t control every aspect of your holiday travels and even if you do everything right, Philadelphia auto repair may become necessary. If that’s the case for you, contact Schafer’s Auto Center at (215) 755-1270 to get in as soon as you can. If you’re just trying to plan your trip, get in for an inspection and tune up and we’ll take care of any maintenance items that you need to address before you hit the road. SAR is located at 1924 S Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19148 and we’re here to do our best to foresee anything that could happen with your vehicle and fix it before it does. We want you to get to your holiday parties and we want you to be as safe within your vehicle as possible while you do. Trust SAR with your tune ups, auto repairs, and maintenance needs. 

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