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Auto Repair On Timing Belts

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Do you maintain your car regularly?

As a car owner, you have to work on knowing what your vehicle needs so you can anticipate needs before major auto repair in Philadelphia, PA facility becomes necessary. You know your vehicle needs oil changes on a regular basis so you schedule those. You know you have to car care systematically thus you are supposed to rotate the tires, so you have that done. But what about other things? Do you realize the importance of auto maintenance? For instance, what about the timing belt? Is that part important and how often do you need to have it changed out? How can you know it is ready for replacement? Here are details on the timing belt.

What does the timing belt do to your car?

While the timing belt may not seem like a large part, it does a lot. It allows the engine parts to move as needed and opens and closes chambers to allow in gas and air. Without it, the engine wouldn’t be able to operate properly. So while the part is on the small side, it has a large job and is very important.

How to know if you should replace your timing belt?

The problem with timing belt replacement is that you can’t predict when it needs to be replaced based on performance. The timing belt is either working or it’s broken and no one wants a bad timing belt. You won’t know how much wear is on it until it completely breaks down. There won’t be any warning signs, as there are other items that are wearing down on your vehicle. The best idea is to keep track of your mileage and know the recommendations your manufacturer has for your vehicle. Most cars need a new timing belt between 60,000 and 100,000 miles. If you know it has been that long since yours has been replaced, you might want to look into doing so.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PA

Will you choose the least expensive way?

If you could pay a little for a replacement or a lot for a repair, which would you choose? The smaller amount, of course. The belt replacement costs will cost you much less to replace the timing belt between 60,000 and 100,000 miles than it would cost if you let the belt break. By allowing the timing belt to get so worn that it breaks, you might have other damage to the vehicle. That will cost less and you might even have to tow the vehicle to the shop instead of driving it there on your own, which will also add to the expenses of your car repairs.

There are lots of things you need to keep track of when you have a vehicle and are in charge of maintenance. It’s best to find technicians that know auto repair in Philadelphia, PA inside and out so you can trust them when they tell you something needs to be done, according to the manufacturer or according to the wear they see. The professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center are here to help you through the complications that car ownership can bring to your life. We want you to be able to drive a safe, efficient vehicle and we will keep track of those maintenance items on your behalf.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PA

Good Times For Auto Repair Tune-Ups

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Being a car owner is nice because you have the convenience of driving wherever you want, whenever you want. However, when you own a vehicle, you also have the responsibility to get auto repair in Philadelphia, PA when needed. Even if things aren’t breaking down, you want to make sure you are proactive with maintenance. There are good times to take your vehicle in for car repairs and auto maintenance that can fit into your lifestyle well. There are different actions for car care that needed to be done such as check the engine lights, exhaust system, or breaks, but here are a few such times that you might want to get a tune-up.

Do you change your oil regularly?

You know that you need an oil change every 5,000 miles or so and if you are smart about car ownership, you are diligent about that. When you go to the auto shop for an oil change, have them tune the vehicle up in whatever other way it needs. You might get a tire rotation, have them check on filters, and other such things. It’s a good time to get everything working efficiently and effectively while you are already there.

Do you auto-repair first before a big trip?

When you are going to take a road trip across the country with your family, it is a good time to get a tune-up so you can ensure that you have a vehicle that will work efficiently and effectively. The last thing you want is to get a few miles down the road only to have something go wrong with your car like you need brake repairs in a repair facility. Instead, you can prevent small things from causing big problems by getting the vehicle checked over before you go.

Do you auto-repair first before you sell?

If you are going to sell your vehicle, you want to be able to pass it off in the best possible condition. Plus, if you are planning to sell privately, the person who might want to buy the car may want to get it inspected by their own mechanic. If you have a tune-up done before you sell, your vehicle will pass any inspections with flying colors and you can get more money out of the deal.

Do you auto-repair immediately if you notice something wrong?

You know how your vehicle sounds and operates. If you hear a noise that you haven’t heard before or you feel the car operating in a different way that you don’t like, it’s important to get a tune-up and see what’s going on. When you fix small things with a tune-up, you can prevent larger things from ever occurring and costing you more.

When you need a tune-up, take your vehicle in for auto repair in Philadelphia, PA at times that make sense and are convenient to you. Regular maintenance checks can help you keep your car in the best working conditions. The professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center would be happy to be your go-to technicians for oil changes, tire rotations, and everything else you need along the way. Give us a call to set up an appointment for a tune-up when you think you might want things looked over so things run efficiently and effectively.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PA

Preserving Your Engine

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The engine is the heart of any vehicle and when it doesn’t work, you aren’t going anywhere. At some point or another in your vehicle ownership, you are going to need some kind of auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, but you want your engine to work as well as it can for as long as possible. It’s a safety concern when the engine isn’t working right, and you don’t want that. The engine seems to be one big part, but it has a lot of little parts that have to work together to create energy that runs the whole vehicle. Here are a few things you can do to preserve the effectiveness and efficiency of your engine.

Do you keep your engine clean?

The engine does a lot for your vehicle that is why the manufacturer recommends scheduled maintenance every now and then. Without it, the car would go nowhere. Because it works so hard, it’s going to get dirty. Filters are going to get blocked, grease will trap heat, and so on. It’s easy enough to keep the engine clean over time. Make sure you get the oil changed at the proper intervals. Clean motor oil either synthetic blend or conventional oil will lubricate the right parts and allow them to work properly. When the oil is dirty or dries up completely, it can do a lot of nasty things to the engine. Oil changes, while they might be a pain to your schedule, are very important to the inner workings of your engine.

Do You Take Advantage Of A Spark Plug Service?

Spark plugs need to be cleaned and changes out periodically as well. To keep the dirt and grime from the combustion chamber, those plugs need to be cleaned. The mechanics can remove them and clean the space around them. They can also use a special brush and cleaner to remove the dirt and dust from the plug itself. It doesn’t take long and it’s a small job, but it can preserve the performance of your engine for a long time. You can also get them replaced when they get too old to clean and repair.

Do you Keep The Lubrication Going?

You know you need oil changes, but there are other moving parts that need to avoid repair as well and friction can cause damage without lubrication. Have the mechanic keep an eye on the crankshaft, the piston rings, the cylinder walls, and other such things. You need to have all of the seals working to ensure that everything will fit together well and give you a smooth ride for as long as possible.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PA

If you notice that your engine feels strange, is making sounds, or isn’t performing as well as it used to, it’s time for auto care of your car in Philadelphia, PA. It could be something small and you want to address it right away before it becomes a larger issue that will cost more to fix and give you trouble on the road. There are lots of important parts of your vehicle, but the engine keeps things running—literally. Preserve it and maintain it as best you can to make the most of your vehicle’s lifespan. Get details on engine needs from the pros at Schafer’s Auto Center.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PA

Choosing A Mechanic For Auto Repair

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Why is a mechanic is important?

Your car drives you from place to place and that’s important, but it also keeps you safe on the road and that’s even more important. While you can prevent everything, keeping proper auto repair in Philadelphia, PA and maintenance are some of the best things you can do to pull together a safe and efficient vehicle. The key to keeping those things in line is the mechanic you choose. The right mechanic has a responsibility to you and to your vehicle. You are taking time out of your day to get a tune up or repair and they need to understand that you expect a safe and reliable vehicle returned to you. When you are looking for the right mechanic for your vehicle, look for these things.

Do you look for credentials such as certification and licensing?

Lots of people like to tinker with cars, but you need certified mechanics and not someone who will offer you a bargain price for a shoddy job. Certified, licenses mechanics have the right training, and their experience won’t void your warranty, unlike those without that certification you can’t guarantee their expertise in check engine lights, exhaust system, brakes repairs, and so forth in terms of car care. You don’t want more problems later, but rather someone who has the experience and is willing to show you their credentials and tell you about their history in the industry.

Do you meet in person with your mechanic?

It’s easy to book appointments online, over the phone, and in other remote manner, but it’s a good idea to meet with your mechanic so you know who will have your car in their hands. You will get a good sense of their dedication to the field and the work they put into their day when you see them in person. You can even take a tour of the garage and make sure things look in order there as well.

Do you look for reviews or feedbacks with your mechanic?

Websites that mechanics have out there are a good start, but you will also want to look at the reviews of others have left for certain mechanics in other locations. If you see mostly good things, you know you have a trustworthy mechanic on your hands when it comes to auto maintenance. If you see too much negative news, that’s not a good sign.

Do you see firsthand their expertise?

You want a mechanic you can trust when it comes to car repairs, and over time, you will build that relationship if you see the same person over and over again. But at first, you want a mechanic who is willing to take you back into the show and visibly show you what repairs your vehicle needs. Once you see what they mean with your own eyes, you can trust that they are doing the best they can for your vehicle.

Philadelphia auto repair

There are lots of other things you will look for in mechanics, like fair prices, and it’s good to have a reliable mechanic lined up for when you need auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, repair facility, or even just regular maintenance. The professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center are honest individuals who will do their best to take care of you with fair prices, and your vehicle with quality workmanship. Give us a call for an appointment whenever you have the time.

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