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November 2020

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Keep Your Car Clean This Winter

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As the weather cools and you start to notice a change in the air around you, there are a lot of things guaranteed to come your way. One of those things is a car you just cannot keep clean. Not only do you shake your head at how dirty your car always looks, but the salt and sand from the roads can cause damage as well. The professionals in auto repair in Philadelphia, PA have ideas for how to protect and keep your car as clean as possible this upcoming winter season.

Store It Inside

If you have a garage, clear it out and store your car inside over the winter. You might normally park outside because your garage is full of other things, but it’s important for your vehicle’s cleanliness to get it into that garage or under a carport overnight. Plus, you don’t have to get up early to clean the windshield off. If you normally park on the street near the office, but you have the option of a covered parking garage or another such area, you might want to consider that for winter as well to keep the car in better shape.

Wax Before Winter

Wax will make your car look nice and shiny, which might make you lament winter even more, but it also protects your car for the upcoming months. The wax will act as another layer between the winter weather and the paint job on your car. It makes dirt easier to rinse off and prevents ice from sticking to the vehicle. It also helps the sand bounce off the vehicle instead of sticking and scratching.

Rinse When Possible

There’s no way to keep your vehicle spotless during the winter months—unless you leave it in the garage and never go anywhere. But when you do have a day that warms up a bit, try to rinse the dirt off the vehicle to keep it in the nicest possible condition. It’s not going to be possible every day, or even as often as you’d like, but you might get a few warm days here and there to rid your vehicle of the dirt and grim.

If you need other tips for protecting your vehicle from the dirt that inevitable comes along with the winter weather this area gets, contact professionals in auto repair in Philadelphia, PA. At

auto repair Philadelphia, PA

Schafer’s Auto Center, we don’t just do oil change, maintenance, and repairs…we also give advice. We’re here to help you figure out what you should do with your vehicle to keep it in the best possible condition, inside and out. When you come in for your regular oil change, we’ll check the vehicle over to make sure everything else is in working order. At that time, you can ask whatever you want about keeping your car nice over the winter months. You can also call us any time you’d like. We’re here for you no matter what you need to ask.

auto repair in Philadelphia

Winter Weather Driving Tips

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Whether you’re from the south and new to the area or you’ve just forgotten what winter is like in the midst of the summer and fall weather, it never hurts to get winter weather driving tips. The professionals in auto repair in Philadelphia, PA want you to be as safe as possible in your vehicle. That means adhering to certain rules, taking tips to heart, and making sure your vehicle itself is safe. Here are some tips for winter weather driving to keep you, everyone in your car, and the vehicles around you safe and sound.

Tip 1: Go Slow And Steady

Any time there is even anything questionable about the weather or the roads, take them slow and steady. Sometimes, it seems like people with four-wheel drive forget that the power behind their vehicle does them no good if they hit a patch of ice. Sure, they get through snow well without their wheels spinning, but hit ice at any speed and they’re off the road, just like any other vehicle. Whenever you see anything about the road that suggests winter weather, take things slower than you normally would. Better to get to your destination safe and a few minutes later than to end up off the road or in an accident.

Tip 2: Consider Winter Tires

Depending on what the tires are like on your vehicle, you might want to switch them out for winter tires. These tires have a special tread on them that works well on the snow and ice and keeps your car safer than it would be otherwise. Since this area usually gets plenty of each, winter tires are never a bad idea to at least look into.

Tip 3: Get Your Vehicle Serviced

You need to keep a regular maintenance schedule on your vehicle for its general well-being, but that’s even more important when winter arises. If there’s anything small wrong with your car, it can be fixed before it turns into something large and leaves you stranded at the side of the road in a snow storm. Plus, you want to make sure your brakes are in proper working order because you never know when you are going to need to make use of them to avoid something dangerous in the winter. Get regular oil changes, but have your vehicle looked over from top to bottom before winter as well.

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Whenever you need any kind of auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, maintenance, tire advice, or anything in between, the professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center are here to help. We understand that driving in winter weather conditions can be very dangerous and we want to help you keep your car in the best possible shape to make it as safe as possible for everyone on the road. We’re here to help you with simple things, like oil changes. But we will also point out things that are close to needing work so you can plan ahead and stay safe on the roads all winter long.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PA

Uneven Tire Tread Wear…What Causes It?

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Tires are going to wear out. That’s just the way they operate. But you want them to last as long as possible by wearing evenly. One thing you can do is make sure you get in for regular auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, and maintenance, like oil changes. Your technician can also rotate the tires and keep an eye on the tread for you during those checkups. But here are some of the causes of uneven tread wear that you can try and avoid.

Over-Inflation Of The Tires

Tires need to be kept at a certain level as much as possible. If your tires have too much air in them, they are over inflated. When that happens and is consistent, you are going to wear the center of the tires faster than the edges. You will also have a harsher, bumpier ride that could cause you to lose control in the rain or bad road conditions. Make sure you know what inflation rates are best for your tires and keep things on an even keel.

Under-Inflated Tires

When your tires don’t have enough air in them, they can wear on the edges too quickly and not in the center. Check the air pressure at least once a month in order to get the best read on how much air needs to be in the tire. If you see a tire losing air quickly, it might have a slow leak that needs to be fixed.

Improper Alignment

When new tires go on a vehicle, it has to be lined up well. Improper alignment, which can happen over time, after an accident, after a hard hit to the curb, or for other reasons, will wear the tires faster than normal. It could also damage a vehicle’s suspension. Watch for tire wear in the inner or otter portion of the tire and if you see it, get your wheel alignment inspected.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PA

Lack Of Rotation

You should have your tires rotated every oil change, or every other oil change at the longest. It doesn’t cost much, and it doesn’t take much time. Tires can wear unevenly, causing you to need to replace one or two, but not all of them at once. They will last longer if they all wear the same, which you can accomplish with regular rotation.

When you are in need of tire advice or another auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, the professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center are here to help. Give us a call and we can help you with any of your auto repair or maintenance needs. We’re tire experts and we do oil changes and everything else that you might need to be done on a vehicle. You can stop by with questions or set up an appointment. We want your vehicle to be as safe as possible on the roads and we’re ready to help you in any way possible to make that happen. We’re here for you and your vehicle, whatever it may need next.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PA

Common Car Noises

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Have you ever gone in for auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, only to stand at the counter, making noises at the representative trying to describe what’s going on with your car? You’re roaring and creaking, trying to let them know what your car sounds like. Chances are, they will take it for a test drive and try and hear it for themselves. And, chances are, the car will be completely silent when they do. It’s a vehicle’s way of having a little fun with you. But there are a lot of common car noises that you need to watch out for as the years of use pass you by. Here are a few.

Any Tire Noises

Your tires should operate virtually silently. You know what they normally sound like so if they make some kind of strange noise, it might mean that there’s something wrong with them. Perhaps a squeal or creaking noise could mean they are getting too low on the tread. It’s best to have them checked out as soon as you can to make sure they are okay or take care of whatever might happen.

Squealing Noises

Most people have heard their car squeal a time or two. If you go around the corner too fast, it’ll definitely make noise. But when you turn regularly at a normal speed, the tires shouldn’t make any noise. The culprit of that noise is often an underinflated tire. If you have noticed that noise, check your tire inflation. If you leave it alone, the tires can cause problems for the suspension or other parts of the vehicle. You need to look into things before they cause damage.

Humming Noises

Your backseat riders might hum along to the radio, but if you hear the car actually humming, it might be the tires on the road. You know the roads you drive and the sounds that come from your car as they do. But the humming might increase and indicate tires wearing unevenly or just being down too far on their tread. You will wat to get the tires and wheel bearings inspected as well as the suspension.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PA

Squeaky Noises When Braking

You never want to hear your brakes making noises, but when you do, that means you need to have a brake inspection right away. The brakes are an important safety feature that you use each and every time you drive. They may just need new pads, which is an easy way to go. The sooner you find out, the faster you can get simple things fixed before they get worse.

Any time you hear a noise of any kind that doesn’t sound right to you, get auto repair in Philadelphia, PA to be safe. The professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center are here to help you with inspections, tune-ups, oil changes, and more. Give us a call, make noises at us, and we’ll help you figure things out. We can set you up with an appointment for a test drive and diagnostics.

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