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How to Save Money on Car Repairs and Maintenance by Doing It Yourself

By March 6, 2023Auto Repair
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Car owners who see maintenance as an extra cost may be tempted to skip it. But your car needs to be serviced regularly so that you don’t have to pay for more expensive repairs or breakdowns in the future. Some repairs and maintenance tasks can be done on your own, which is good news. Anyone can learn to do these jobs without having to pay someone else to do them. All they need are the right tools. Even if you have to take your car to an auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, you can use portable diagnostic tools to figure out what’s wrong before you get there.

Brake Pads

Brake pads range in price from $35 to $150. However, garages may charge $300 or more for its replacement. If the brake pads are worn down to less than 1/8 of an inch, they might cause damage to the rotors, which will need more costly and intricate repairs. Replaceable brakes are surprisingly easy to install. Since you must remove the tires, a lug tool and jack are required. Also required is a set of common wrenches. The method of changing the brake pad is as simple as removing the old pad and replacing it with the new pad using the included screws. Included in the brake pad packaging should be a package of grease for lubricating the brakes and preventing squeaking.


Changing batteries is a straightforward operation. This endeavor is essential since you want to avoid being stranded or have to jump-start your vehicle at home if you are behind schedule for work or an appointment. On average, automobile batteries cost between $75 and $125. However, mechanics may charge an additional $100 to replace them. Simply detach the wires, secure the new battery, then rejoin the cables in the correct sequence to complete the change.

Oil Change

An oil change requires a racket, a wrench, and a funnel. You must take measures, such as guaranteeing that your vehicle will not move during the oil change and avoiding changing the oil if you have driven within the last two hours. Synthetic oils may occasionally run to 10,000 miles between changes, but conventional lubricants must be replaced every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Quality synthetic oil may cost $30, however most garages charge double that amount for a lubrication change. Consider that you must also replace the oil filter whenever you change the oil.

Tire Maintenance

Tire care is essential since it impacts the safety, fuel economy, and overall performance of your vehicle. Checking tire pressure takes a pressure gauge but no specialized expertise. The majority of petrol stations provide air for under-inflated tires. Smaller tire punctures may be repaired using puncture repair kits that cost between $10 and $20 and include all of the necessary tools. To rotate your tires, which should be done every six months or 6,000 miles, you will need a steady tire jack and lug wrench. You need a solid jack stand to securely lift your vehicle. However, tire rotation does not need any particular equipment or repair in Philadelphia, PA

Coolant Replacement

If your dashboard’s check engine light illuminates, it may be due to a coolant problem. If you find the OBD port on your vehicle, you may attach a digital diagnosis reader to validate this issue. In addition to preventing your vehicle from overheating, coolant also prevents it from chilling in the winter. Regularly check your coolant levels to prevent overheating or freezing. The coolant should be replaced every 30,000 to 50,000 miles since it may potentially cause rust. The technique consists of just emptying excess fluid and adding new coolant. However, if you cannot fix it yourself, you should visit an auto repair in Philadelphia, PA or one nearby.

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