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Expensive Maintenance and Fixes for Vehicles

By February 27, 2023Auto Repair
auto repairs in Philadelphia, PA

As far as expenses go, nothing can match the cost of a vehicle repair. Fixing or upgrading an automobile of any make or model may be a significant financial drain. Motorists must pay a lot of money out of pocket to maintain their vehicles in good working order and safety unless the item in question is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Moreover, there is a wide range in the costs associated with auto repairs. If you run into trouble with one of your car’s components, it’s helpful to know how much you may anticipate spending for a replacement. We’ve compiled a list of the most expensive auto repairs in Philadelphia, PA.

Engine and Cylinders

It is the worst, and most expensive, type of engine damage involving the vehicle’s cylinders. If the cylinders at the core of the engine break down, then the car will not be driveable and you could be on the hook for a repair in the area of $10,000. This is because a mechanic will have to remove the entire engine from the car to replace the cylinders. The best bet is usually to get a whole new engine installed rather than try to repair the old broken one. Or, better yet, ditch the car entirely and go buy a new one. For $7,000 to $10,000, you can get a pretty decent new car. And beware, the larger and more powerful a vehicle’s engine the more expensive they are to repair or replace.


It is the most severe and costly sort of engine damage impacting the cylinders of a car. If the cylinders at the heart of the engine fail, the vehicle will be rendered inoperable and you may be responsible for a repair bill of around $10,000. This is because a technician will have to remove the complete engine from the automobile to replace the cylinders. The best option is often to install a brand-new engine rather than attempting to fix the old one. Or, even better, sell the vehicle and get a new one. For $7,000 to $10,000, you can acquire a really excellent new automobile. A vehicle’s engine will be more costly to repair or replace the bigger and more powerful it is.


Airbags save lives, there is no doubt. Airbags are possibly the greatest safety innovation in the history of automobiles. However, once deployed, airbags must nearly always be replaced, which is expensive. Also, the steering column and glove box of a vehicle may need to be replaced following the deployment of the airbags. Individuals may pay between $2,500 and $4,000 to restore the front seat of their vehicle to full operational condition following the deployment of the airbags. They save lives but wreak havoc on a vehicle. Obviously, if your airbags deploy, you have likely been involved in an accident or collision, in which case purchasing new airbags may be the least of your concerns.


We hardly notice our car’s suspension. Despite this, the suspension is a vital component of every vehicle. Ultimately, the suspension prevents us from experiencing every bump and dip on the road. A well-functioning suspension system includes shocks, struts, springs, control arms, and tie rods. If just one of these components fails, repairing or replacing it is not prohibitively costly. However, a whole suspension overhaul may be quite costly in terms of components and labor. Even if just one component fails, a technician will often insist that the whole suspension system must be rebuilt at a cost of around $3,500. Get a second opinion on your auto repair in Philadelphia, PA.

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