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What Do Different Exhaust Colors Mean?

By April 4, 2022Uncategorized

It’s a cold winter morning, you’re twenty minutes late for work, you start your car, loop around back to settle items into your trunk to only discover that your vehicle is puffing out black, blue, no is that white, smoke! Not a good sign in any instance, and certainly not something you want happening when running late for work. Below, we’ll break down the meanings behind each of these exhaust colors as well as what action you can take to get a handle on the situation. If you are in need of auto repair in Philadelphia, PA we guarantee expert attention to detail when handling and inspecting your vehicle. Contact us today for more information!

Black Smoke

Starting your vehicle only to find black smoke pouring out of the back definitely signals an issue worth your attention. When the smoke out of a car is black this is usually an indicator that your car is using too much gasoline to properly run the engine. Now, the source of this issue is most likely due to a clogged air filter. In fact, a clogged air filter prevents your car from producing its usual air-fuel mixture, which ultimately results in your car burning more gasoline to compensate for the lack of air. This is a big nuisance and one that seriously affects your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, so you’ll want to get a handle on this quickly!

Blue Smoke

No this is not a gender reveal, blue smoke emanating from your car signifies a serious issue! Typically, this means that oil has leaked into your engine as a result of improperly lubricated engine parts. These engine parts are then susceptible to serious wear and tear and if left unaddressed this could result in your engine seizing. Unfortunately, if your engine seizes on you then you must either get your engine replaced or rebuilt. Additionally, blue smoke can sometimes be accompanied by an unpleasant burning smell.

Gray Smoke

Similar to blue smoke, gray smoke is also an indicator that excess oil is burning in your engine. Usually, this is also a sign that your car’s PCV valve is defective. The PCV valve is responsible for controlling your car’s emissions and sometimes this part can wear out over time and lead to gray smoke from the exhaust. Fortunately, PCV valve replacement is a lot easier than other repairs out there.

White Smoke

Seeing white smoke coming from your car’s tailpipe? White smoke is usually due to a cooling system repairs in Philadelphia, PA When this system begins to leak it causes coolant to reach your vehicle’s engine where it is then burned up. If the cooling system is leaking this could quickly lead to an overheated car and as a result a blown gasket.

All in all, if your car is emanating large amounts of any colored smoke, we highly suggest making your way over to your closest mechanic for an inspection. We offer auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, and look forward to working with you! Stop in today!

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