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Why Your Car Makes Noise When Turning

By March 28, 2022Uncategorized

Not only is it annoying to have your car sounding like it’s going to self-destruct every time you make the slightest turn, but it can be both embarrassing and a cause for some unwanted stress. Nobody wants to loathe getting behind the wheel due to an unruly car, which is why we’re going to break down what certain noises mean and what your vehicle may be trying to communicate to you. When looking around for auto repair in Philadelphia, PA we are always open and available to help when needed. While avoiding repairs altogether may not be entirely possible, particularly if your car is especially noisy, understanding the different reasons behind certain sounds can give you some tools to tackle this situation better in the future.


If you find that traveling at low speeds causes your car to emit a creepy creaking noise, then the issue may lie somewhere around your car’s suspension joints. Squeaking suspension parts are typically associated with a lack of lubrication in your vehicle. Additionally, if you find that the creaking is growing louder the more often you drive then this could signal that there is an issue with the car’s ball joints. To prevent this issue in the future, we recommend properly maintaining your vehicle’s suspension system.

Whining or Screeching

Is your vehicle whining like a child? Is the sound coming from your engine? If so, the issue may lie in your vehicle’s power steering pump. Similar to the previous explanation, this issue is typically found to occur when traveling at low speeds. Now, if your steering wheel is whining or screeching when you turn at normal speeds then this could be due to your power steering system.


Does driving at high speeds cause your car to make an awful and unsettling crunching noise? If so, we bet it has something to do with your car’s CV joints.


Encountering a clunking noise when turning your steering wheel could indicate a loose or broken tie rod.


If your vehicle is making a knocking noise when driving and turning, then it is most likely due to a defective sway bar link. If facing this issue, we recommend seeking help as quickly as possible as it can compromise your ability to safely operate your vehicle.

What to Do When Experiencing Noises When Turning

No matter which sounds you may be encountering upon turning and driving your vehicle, we highly recommend seeking out your closest auto repair shop for further inspection. It is likely that a mechanic willAuto repairs in Philadelphia, PA initially do a check on your vehicle’s suspension system and steering wheel to see if the issue lies somewhere between the two. Sometimes all that is required is simply lubricating the suspension system and other times it may be that you have worn out or defective car parts in need of replacement or repair. Before running to your nearest mechanic, however, be sure to do a quick sweep of your vehicle’s cabin to make sure that the noise isn’t the result of a rogue water bottle rolling around somewhere. This will not only save you money but any possible embarrassment as well.

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