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What To Do if You Hit a Deer

By March 7, 2022Uncategorized

Hitting a deer, even for an experienced driver, can be a very traumatizing event. Oftentimes, based on the location of where we live, deer collisions are unavoidable. While we can’t absolutely avoid these accidents and mishaps, there are a number of steps you can take when you encounter this situation. Many people immediately panic after hitting a deer, which we advise against. Below, we’ll inform you of the best steps you can take after you have struck a deer and how to move forward afterward. If you do find that you are in need of auto repair in Philadelphia, PA we hope that you choose us to care for your vehicle!

Hit and Run

While hitting a deer and taking off isn’t exactly illegal, we strongly encourage you to not go this route. Most states prefer if you contact local authorities after the incident to let them know of the status of the deer. Leaving an injured deer in the middle of the road can pose a serious risk to other unaware vehicles on the road. Overall, it’s best to stay safe and pull over after the incident and contact your local authorities as soon as possible.

Reporting a Deer Hit

When speaking with local authorities, they will walk you through what you need to do to ensure that you and your vehicle are safe until help arrives. Additionally, be sure to obtain a police report after the incident so that you can file an insurance claim.

Avoiding Deer Collisions

One of the first steps that you’ll want to take to avoid a deer collision is to watch the road. Be mindful of what is up ahead and stay focused while driving, especially in the dark where deer can be tough to spot. If it is very dark be sure to use your vehicle’s high beams so that you are able to spot any deer’s reflective eyes and also to increase your field of vision.

Wear Your Seatbelt

This suggestion may seem obvious but the importance of wearing your seatbelt can never be stated enough. While hitting a deer is obviously dangerous for the animal, it can also prove to be an extremely hazardous situation for yourself and any passengers, especially if you are not wearing your seatbelt.

What to Do After the Incident

You should never assume that your vehicle is safe to drive after you have struck a deer. Be sure to check forauto repairs in Philadelphia, PA any leaking fluid, loose parts, safety hazards, damage, and more. If you feel that your vehicle is damaged, we strongly advise that you play it safe and have your vehicle towed.

Striking a deer can be a very startling event. While it cannot always be avoided, there are definitely steps we can take to keep ourselves safe after the incident. Remember, it is never a good idea to leave the scene after the accident as this is putting other lives at risk. Your safety is of the utmost importance, so we hope that our tips and suggestions have given you more insight as to how to best handle this situation in the future. If you do find that you are in need of auto repair in Philadelphia, PA after a deer collision or any other accident, do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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