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Signs it’s Time for a New Car

By December 27, 2021Auto Repair
auto repair in Philadelphia, PA

We understand sentimentality, after all, there is nothing quite like the bond we build with our first favorite cars, unfortunately, nothing lives forever—not even cars. Whether you or someone you know is blinded by their own nostalgia, it’s important to recognize the signs that all point to the necessity of a new vehicle. While it is never fun to say goodbye to our old cars, if we choose not to, it can present many issues. It’s vital that we know when it’s time to let go, and we’re here to ease the process. For auto repair in Philadelphia, PA we’ve got you covered!

Constant Breakdowns and Repairs

While breakdowns on an older vehicle are acceptable and to be expected, there is a point where things can become excessive. In our opinion, your older vehicle should be having no more than two breakdowns a year. When we say breakdowns, we are talking about incidences where your vehicle is virtually immobile and requires the need of a major repair or replacement. If you find yourself experiencing these types of issues with your car far more frequently than twice a year then that is a major red flag indicating that it is time to look for other, newer options.

Interior Falling Apart

While we may be used to gauging the health of a car from it’s exterior and working parts, the interior can also be a good indicator that it’s time for a new vehicle. This means that if the fabric inside of your vehicle is torn, buttons aren’t working, the roof is leaking, there are visible holes, or broken pieces we absolutely recommend hitting the closest dealership near you!

You Car is the Butt of Jokes

If you find yourself puzzled as to why your friends and family constantly choose to take other vehicles rather than ride with you in your car, it may be not as entirely personal as you think. If you notice people steering clear from riding in your vehicle and you are unsure why, then chances are you are blinded by what seems to everyone else painfully obvious—your car is a piece of junk. While they may be embarrassed to be seen in a vehicle in such a state as yours, they may also feel downright unsafe!

Frequent Gas Trips

Having an old car can be a source of pride for you, especially if you aren’t making payments on it anymore; yet cars that are paid off aren’t all that they’re cracked up to be. If you find that you are hitting up the gas station more times than you feel necessary than this is an obvious signal that it’s time to move on. Overtime,auto repairs in Philadelphia, PA older cars will become less fuel efficient, while newer cars will be increasingly more efficient than the next. While it may seem like a monumental task to shell out the money for a new vehicle, it will save you major money at the gas pump in the long run!

Saying goodbye to an old car can be painful, however, your safety is more important than anything! Auto repair in Philadelphia, PA has never been easier, so when it’s time to take your car in we hope that you choose us!

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