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Avoiding Pothole Damage

By November 8, 2021Auto Repair
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While winter looms as the leading threat to our vehicles, potholes are a close second. There is nothing worse than carelessly driving in the city and stumbling into a dreaded pothole. Auto repairs in Philadelphia, PA can fix any and all pothole issues you may have, but we want to make sure that you are equipped with the tools to avoid them in the first place. If your car encounters a serious pothole, this can easily result in the need for new tire replacements and destroyed suspension, which if you ask us, sounds like a nightmare.

How do Potholes Form?

While potholes can be found almost anywhere, they can increase and become more frequent during the winter months. This is because the constant cycles of freezing and thawing allow more moisture to enter the road’s surface, which then results in the road crumbling. Potholes vary in shape and size, so some potholes may be more hazardous than others. While you can encounter potholes in the winter, it’s important to remember that potholes occur and are prevalent in all seasons. There is no season you should let your guard down; in fact, we encourage you to use these tips throughout all of the months of the year so that you are as protected as possible.

Preventative Steps

The first preventative step that you can take is driving on roads and routes that you know well. We suggest this because if you are more familiar with how a road is laid out this makes you more likely to notice when something is off or in the road. Usually, when drivers find themselves running into potholes, oftentimes, it is because they were on an unfamiliar road. If you find yourself driving at night be sure that the roads that you are traveling on are well-lit so that you are able to spot any potholes ahead of time. If you do find that you’ve hit a pothole, do not panic, simply inspect your tire and wheels for any possible damage. Also, if you notice a road with a lot of potholes, do not hesitate in contacting your local government’s transportation department and reporting it!

auto repair in Philadelphia, PAWill Car Insurance Cover the Cost?

Fortunately, if your car does sustain any damage from a pothole beyond tire damage, there is a chance that you can be covered by collision coverage. While you may, in fact, be covered when you find yourself with damage from a pothole, there still may be deductibles that apply. Be sure to check with your insurance company before you file for any damage you’ve had.

We offer incredible and affordable auto repair in Philadelphia, PA. Potholes are a nuisance every day in the city, but especially in winter. With winter right around the corner, we wanted to be sure that you had all of the necessary knowledge to avoid and prevent unwanted damage to your vehicle. While potholes cannot always be avoided, be sure to properly inspect your tires and wheels for damage that may be apparent. If you find yourself with any extensive damage, do not hesitate to contact us. We want to help you safely navigate the roads this wintertime season, and your safety is our top priority!

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