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Safe Driving Tips

By October 11, 2021Auto Repair
auto repair in Philadelphia, PA

When you get in your car, you want to get somewhere, but you want to do so safely. Auto repair in Philadelphia, PA is part of the process and the people who work at auto repair shops are there to help you with maintenance as well as safe driving tips. Today, so many motorists are distracted. Even if you aren’t one of them, you need to find ways to stay safe around those who might not be paying close attention. Here are a few tips to help to keep yourself safe on the road.

Drive As An Example

You might hate the fact that you see so many people on their phones, putting on makeup, eating, and doing other things as they are driving. But, you might admit (even just to yourself) that you do a few of those things on occasion, too. Instead of getting mad at others when you see those things, try to drive as a good example. Don’t do anything but concentrate on your driving and you are setting a good example for others (especially your children if they are in the car with you). Plus, if someone swerves your way, you are a lot more likely to notice and be able to avoid a crash when others are distracted.

Buckle Up Without Question

It doesn’t matter if you are driving across the city or if you just have to go a few blocks up the street, put your seatbelt on as a habit. You don’t want to hear the car dinging at you to put it on and you really don’t want to have an accident where you need it and not have it. Wearing a seatbelt is just something you should do each and every time you are in a vehicle, whether you are driving or not.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PAKeep The Car In Tune

It’s a good idea to keep your car in good shape so if you have to brake suddenly or drive defensively in other ways, you need the car to be in good condition so it can do as you ask, when you ask it to do so. Have regular oil changes, allow the technicians to check things over, and fix little things before they become larger issues. While maintenance is important for the longevity of your car, it can also help you to stay safe as you drive to your destinations on a daily basis.

If you want to drive the safest, most reliable vehicle possible, auto repair in Philadelphia, PA should be a part of your regular routine. The professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center are honest about their work. We won’t tell you something is wrong with your vehicle unless we would fix it on our own car. We will show you exactly what we mean, too, so you can see it with your own eyes. We want you to be as safe as possible on the road each and every day and we’ll help you maintain your vehicle so you have every safety element possible.

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