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Safety Tips For Roadside Tire Changing

By August 23, 2021Auto Repair
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Even if you keep a close eye on your tire tread and air pressure, you can hit something on the road and blow a tire. Hopefully, you have a spare so you can get it changed. You can then buy a new one and get auto repair in Philadelphia, PA when you are able to get to the shop. But if you find yourself needing to change the tire on the road, here are some safety tips to help you do so safely.

1-Move To The Side

When you notice that your tire pressure is going down fast or, worse, you hear a pop and know the tire is gone, move to the side of the road as far off onto the shoulder as you can get. You are going to want as much space between your vehicle and the road as you can get so you can work on the tire. It can be hard to place your car just right when you are trying to get over as fast as you can but do the best you can with the idea in mind that you have a tire change coming.

2-Put On The Hazards

You want any vehicle coming toward you from either direction to know you are having issues and to be warned. They should move over a lane, if at all possible, to give you more space, but not every vehicle will, and some may not be able to, either. The hazards are going to help warn others and keep you safe, though.

3-Call Authorities

Depending on where your vehicle is situated and whether you can safely change the tire or not, you might want to call the authorities. They may be able to send a car out to sit in the road behind your vehicle with their lights on to warn people that there is an issue. If you have to overlap with the road in order to change the tire, their presence can keep vehicles away so you can safely do so.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PA4-Call For Professional Help

If you don’t feel confident about changing the tire, or you have issues doing so when you tried, call for professionals to come to help you. They can set their truck up in the road to block traffic and make things safer. They can also get the old tire off and the new one on quickly so you aren’t on the road any longer than you have to be.

Once you make it into town and off the road, you will want to get auto repair in Philadelphia, PA on the tire that went flat on you. Sometimes, tires can be fixed and are just as safe as they were when they were new. Other times, you might need to get a brand new tire or a new spare to keep your car on the road safely. If you have questions about tires or any other auto repair need, contact Schafer’s Auto Center for answers or for an appointment.

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