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Keeping Your Car Safe During COVID

By July 12, 2021Auto Repair
auto repair in Philadelphia, PA

Everyone is doing things to stay safer right now and that’s no different when it comes to your vehicle and the auto repair in Philadelphia, PA that it may need as the miles go by. You want your car to get you from place to place and you certainly don’t want to be stranded by the roadside at an inconvenient time. Here are a few ways to keep your car safe, even during this trying time.

Check The Tire Pressure

You want your vehicle to run, but also to be as efficient as possible. You never want to spend more on gas than you have to, and right now, you don’t want to have to get gas any more often than you have to. Keep the tire pressure at the proper levels and you can prevent trips to the gas station from becoming more frequent than needed.

Clean The Cabin

As is true with everything right now, you want to keep surfaces as clean as possible. Clean out the interior of your vehicle so there isn’t trash lying around and so that the surfaces are disinfected. Even if you are the only one that usually drives the vehicle and even if you are alone, you might bring in who knows what with you, so it’s best to wipe things down to make sure the car is as clean as possible.

Clean The Exterior

You want to take good care of your vehicle so you can ensure it will get you everywhere you want to go. That can help you with vehicle care overall. When the car gets dusty, wipe it down. Give it a thorough cleaning every week or two as needed.

Change Filters

You want your vehicle’s air to be as clean as possible and that means making sure any air coming into the vehicle goes through a clean, not clogged, filter. When the filters need to be changed, do so as soon as you can so you can get the clean air that you want for anyone who rides with you throughout the days ahead.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PAGet Regular Service

You don’t want to have to take your vehicle into a service station in an emergency. You might end up at a service place you don’t know and can’t trust. Instead, get regular service with a station you trust so you know they are going to keep you and your vehicle safe for the whole process.

If you want to make sure you have the safest possible vehicle for the duration of this crazy time, get auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, and other tips from the professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center. We are here to help you with small things, like oil changes and new wiper blades, to larger things, like brake pad changes and tire balancing. Give us a call when you need to come in and we’ll work around your schedule. We will keep you and your family as safe as possible every time you are here.

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