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Q&A On Preventative Auto Repair And Maintenance

By June 7, 2021Auto Repair
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There might be some things you know about your vehicle, but overall, you just drive it and you’re in the dark about how it works. As long as you pay attention when your car needs maintenance and auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, that’s usually good enough. But there might be a side to you that wants to know more, especially about preventative maintenance. Here are some questions and answers from professionals to help you learn what you need to know.

Why Is Preventative Maintenance Even Important?

Can’t you just wait until your car breaks down and then fix whatever is wrong at that point? Sure, you can, but that’s not recommended. When you prevent something from breaking down in the first place, you save money. Small repairs don’t take much time, effort, or money. When you catch something small, before it becomes a larger ordeal, you can save yourself all of that grief. Instead, though, when things become a bigger deal, they cost more, hit your vehicle hard, and cause more time to pass between repairs. It’s not all about money, either. By running preventative maintenance on your vehicle, you are able to keep things operating efficiently and safety, which is also highly important.

What Preventative Maintenance Should Be Done?

Once you recognize the importance of preventative maintenance, you might want to know what sorts of things you should do. Different auto repair shops may have different recommendations. There are some small things, like replacing your windshield wipers, getting oil changes, and other such things. Then, there are larger things like fluid checks, battery replacement, and other items. Take a look at your owner’s manual and follow the guidelines there along with recommendations from a trusted mechanic.

How Often?

You should get an annual tune-up for your vehicle to keep it running effectively and efficiently. You can get things checked over when you get oil changes as well, but the big things only need to be looked over and checked every year.

auto repair in Philadelphia, PAIs DIY Possible?

There are some maintenance items you can do at home. You can, for example, change out your windshield wipers and add washer fluid. But most items, like changing your oil, checking the brakes, and other such things are best left to professionals. You want these things done correctly for the safety of your vehicle and for its longevity, too. There’s no sense in wasting your time or money when you can have it done right the first time with quality providers.

When you need auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, or if you have questions about maintenance that you want to get done to prevent larger problems in the future, contact the professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center for help. We’re available to you for questions, advice, maintenance, small or large repairs, and everything in between. We want your vehicle to last for a long time and run properly in the meantime. It’s best to take care of it so it doesn’t end up costing you more.

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