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Auto Repair On Low Engine Oil

By January 11, 2021Auto Repair
auto repair in Philadelphia, PA

When you buy a vehicle, you know the sticker price is not the last money you will spend on that car. Vehicles need gas at regular intervals, oil changes, and other auto repair in Philadelphia, PA over time. But most vehicles have all kinds of sensors and lights that help you to identify what is going wrong and when to take the vehicle in for repairs or maintenance. That can be very helpful if you’re not good at keeping track of things yourself, or don’t know that much about cars in the first place. But you do need to know what the lights on your car mean and what to do about them. One light you might see is the low oil pressure light.

Philadelphia, PA auto repair

Your car’s engine has a lot of moving parts and they rub against each other very quickly. To prevent too much friction and damage, the oil helps to lubricate these parts. The pressure put on the oil is run by a pump and the system cools the engine to protect the metal parts. If there is not enough oil running in the system, the low oil pressure light may come on.

There are lots of things that could cause the light to pop on. First, there could be a faulty sensor. You’ll want the professionals to look at the sensor before anything else. The oil levels might be fine, but if the sensor is faulty, the light could be on for no reason at all. Getting a new sensor is much easier than other issues.

Second, there could be an oil pump malfunction. The pump may not be moving oil through the system as needed. That could be because of old age or another reason. When there are bubbles forming in the oil, that will reduce the pressure and make the system think there is not enough oil, even if there is.

Third, there could be improper grade oil in the engine. If you do not get the right oil for the make and model of your vehicle, it could break down faster and degrade, causing the oil not to be in there at the right levels.

And last, there could also be leaks in the system. You might notice that beneath your vehicle if there are oily spots on the ground where you parked. If there’s a leak, the oil you have put in is coming out and not remaining in the engine where it is needed.

Any time a light comes on in your vehicle and you aren’t sure what might be wrong, it’s best to get auto repair in Philadelphia, PA to look into the issue. Even if it’s nothing or something really small, you will have peace of mind about your vehicle’s safety and that’s important. Call the professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center whenever your car needs maintenance, repairs, or a light checked out. We’re here to help you keep things effective and efficient at all times, so you are safe on the road every time you go out.

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