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Does Your Vehicle Need AC Auto Repair?

By July 20, 2020Auto Repair
auto repair in Philadelphia, PA

If you know anything about the air conditioning in your vehicle, it’s probably that it needs to have freon in order to keep things cool in your vehicle. Sometimes, it will need auto repair in Philadelphia, PA for recharging, which is basically adding more freon, so it can keep the car nice and cool all summer long. But how do you know when you need to take it in to get more freon added? Here are a few signs that will show you to get that auto repair so you can stay cool.

Sign 1: The AC is Blowing Room Temp Air

You know when cool air is coming out and when the air is more like the temperature already in the car. Any air is nice when it’s super-hot, but warm air won’t do you very much good. If you don’t have enough freon, you’re not going to get that cold air any longer and it’s time for recharging.

Sign 2: You Can See The Leaks

Freon is a thing greasy looking liquid. You may be able to see it leaking in certain areas or even pooling under your car. If you see leaks, you not only need a freon addition and recharging, but also a fix of that easy area so it doesn’t just leak out again and cause issues a second time.

auto repair in Philadelphia

Sign 3: The Clutch Doesn’t Engage

When you turn the AC on, turn your radio off and see if you can hear the click of the clutch engaging. If you don’t hear that click, the freon levels might not be up far enough for the clutch to read them. They can’t be pressurized, and the system won’t engage. That click is important and won’t happen if you don’t have enough freon.

When you take your vehicle in because you’ve noticed any of these signs, they will check the system pressures with gauges and look for leaks. If they find a leak, they will fix it and then push new refrigerant into the system. They might also have to open certain components and change things out. Or, you might just need more freon to get things working again properly.

When you hit the summer months, you certainly don’t want to have to deal with a lack of freon and hot air blowing on your already hot face. Instead, get regular maintenance done so the professionals who do your auto repair in Philadelphia, PA can take note when you need more freon and add it instead of letting you get hot and have to make a second trip in. When you get regular maintenance from Schafer’s Auto Center, like oil changes and tire rotations, have them check the freon as well. We check lots of different things on a regular basis so we can anticipate small problems before they get too large and cumbersome. These regular checks will save you money in the long run and allow your car to operate better as well.

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