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Protecting Tires Against Common Road Debris

By June 1, 2020Auto Repair
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Tires aren’t cheap and they aren’t the only thing that costs on your vehicle. After you purchase the car, you have to go through regular maintenance and auto repair in Philadelphia, PA. Those things add up, so you want everything on the vehicle to last as long as possible—especially the tires. The tires are the only part of the car that meets the road and they are the part that most often hits things that might be lying around. There are common things that you will see on the road that you may not be able to avoid. When you can avoid these things, great. But you can’t always swerve, or you might endanger yourself even further. Here are some tips to protect your tires against things you will often see on the road.


Trees are going to drop those branches and they will blow in the road. After a storm, you’ll see them all over. Running over a small branch isn’t likely a problem, but something larger and harder might push a hold into your tire. Try to look far ahead on the road before you so when you see a branch, you can avoid it. Or, you should, at the very least, take it slow and steady instead of hitting it hard.


When the winter months are brutal on the road, you’re going to see potholes pop up all over the city. When you see the potholes, slow down. You can drive around it if at all possible, but if you have to hit it, take it slow. Hitting a pothole hard can lead to a tire puncture or a bend or even crack in the wheel.

Metal Debris

There are lots of workers on the road and things can fall out of their trucks. You might see screws, nails, and other debris on the road that can blow out your tire. Keep a close eye on the road and try to differentiate the colors of the metal with the roadway. That’s not always easy so when you are driving around a new house or another construction area, drive slowly and keep an eye out.

Brown Glass

There can also be broken glass on the road from accident sites, broken headlights, and other things. When you run over the glass, it can get embedded into your tire, which can cause it to fail right away or have a slow leak that makes it in need of repairs.

Having the best tires on your vehicle possible is a good first route. But you want to protect those tires as well. Watch the road and avoid what you can. If you do find yourself in need of auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, or a complete new set of tires, the professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center can help you with that. We can get your oil changed, your tires inspected, and do anything else you need at the same time to save you time and help you gain efficiency on your car.

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