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Auto Repair For Foggy Headlights

By June 22, 2020Auto Repair
auto repair in Philadelphia, PA

There are a lot of safety elements included in a vehicle. If one of them is out of whack for any reason, you should get auto repair in Philadelphia, PA. There aren’t many safety items that mean more to a vehicle in the dark than the headlights. If you’ve noticed you are having trouble seeing the road in front of your at night, or your headlights are foggy and you worry about other people seeing you, that’s a big deal. It’s important to figure out what’s wrong so you can get it fixed and move down the road at night safely.

Headlight Materials

Headlights used to be made of glass, but that’s a fragile material that can crack and shatter easily. Over the years, car makers decided to make headlights from polycarbonate, which is a hard plastic that resists shattering and breaking. This strong plastic can collect dirt and grime, even though it doesn’t break as easily. So, a UV film was added to protect the lens and extend visibility for longer. The coating works well, but it will wear down and degrade over time. The constant exposure to UV rays and the direct heat of the lightbulb from the interior of the headlights doesn’t’ help, of course. The headlights, when in use a lot, will wear down on an even level. They could become discolored, scratched, yellowed, or, yes, even foggy.

auto repair in PhiladelphiaFoggy Issues

There are a lot of reasons why foggy headlights are a problem. First, they can make the car look bad. Foggy lights bring the overall aesthetics of the car down. But appearance is just one small factor. The larger item is that the headlights when they are foggy, can really reduce the overall light that the car puts out onto the road. You may not be able to see nearly a well and that can be a danger to you as others. Foggy headlights can reduce light by as much as half. You could see even less in adverse weather.

When you have foggy headlights, it’s best to get them fixed. You want them to be like-new in order to remain as safe as possible in the dark. Even during the day, having headlights on can help, especially when it’s rainy or someone pulls out unexpectedly. You may need to have the headlights restored or replaced completely. The procedure doesn’t have to be hard or take long, but it definitely needs to be done.

The nest time you go in for an oil change or other auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, ask about your foggy headlights. If you’ve noticed you can’t see as well at night, or the car looks weird because of headlight discoloration, you’ll want to get that looked at as soon as you can. The professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center are here for your car advice and repair needs. Give us a call and ask questions or simply make an appointment so we can make time for whatever you need to have done.

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