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Budgeting For Auto Repairs

By April 13, 2020Auto Repair
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Once you purchase a vehicle, you know that’s not the end of the costs, but rather just the beginning. It’s important to keep those costs in mind for the duration of your car ownership. You don’t want to be stuck with bills for auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, and no money to pay for them. It’s smart to budget for the things you know about and save a little extra for those unexpected things that tend to pop up here and there. Keep the routines in mind and space them out based on your owner’s manual suggestions and the way you drive. Here are some things to plan for.

Oil Changes

You know you are going to need an oil change every 3,000-5,000 miles, depending on your vehicle’s needs and the way you drive. This is the biggest regular maintenance item on the list. You can budget for it on a quarterly basis or however often you need those changes.

Tire Replacement

Your tires are going to wear down eventually, even if you rotate them and wear them evenly. You’ll probably need to replace them every 50,000 miles or so, or whenever the tread starts to wear low enough that things are getting dangerous. Since you know the basic tire costs and that you will need them at certain intervals, you can save for that process and see it coming as the wear goes down on the tread.

Brake Pads

Your brakes are something you use every time you get into the vehicle. You will likely need new brake pads somewhere between 25,000 and 50,000 miles and you could need a brake fluid flush on average every two years or so. Those expenses can add up if you don’t see them coming, but since you know they are necessary, you can save for that as well.

Wiper Blade Replacement

You might not think about your wiper blades until you need them, but they are crucial to your safety on a rainy or snowy day. It’s best to replace them before the winter begins each year so you are ready, and they don’t cost very much. You can even replace them with ease. It’s a small cost you can plan on regularly.

The Unexpected

If you keep up with regular maintenance, you’re a lot less likely to have issues. But most vehicles have some expenses that are unexpected from time to time. You will want to save a little every month to put towards those repairs as they pop up, so you aren’t drowning in bills when they arrive.

If you need auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, or if you want help taking care of regular maintenance, the professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center are here for you. We can give you tips on what you need to maintain and when and we are here to help with repairs, expected and unexpected, whenever they arise. If you want to know about the services we offer and our history, visit us online at for those details and many others.

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