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The Dangers Of Worn Tires

By February 17, 2020Auto Repair
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Anyone who drives a car can acknowledge how important the tires are. They’re what meets the road between the car and the ground. And while you might also know you want to keep your tires properly inflated, do you know the dangers that come along with having tires that are too worn? Either way, it’s always good to have a refresher. Prevent auto repair in Philadelphia, PA and dangerous situations by keeping your tires in good condition.

Tire Aging

Older tires are like rubber bands. Once rubber bands have been used and exposed to the elements for a long time, they crack and stretch out. Aging tires are similar. They wear and cracks start to form in the rubber. You may not see them at first because they are on the inside, but they can separate the rubber on the outside eventually. There are advanced tires that can withstand more miles than others because of special chemicals, but they will still age eventually.

Tire Limits

You should know the average lifespan of a tire, but when you ask, you could get different opinions from various auto repair shops. It often depends on how much you drive, what kind of vehicle you have, how well you maintain the tires, and so on. You should get them checked every time you get an oil change to keep track of their wear and aging process. Some manufacturers say you should get them replaced every 6 years while others recommend every 10 years.

Wearing Faster

You can have an impact on how fast your tires age in a number of ways. Where you store your vehicle, for example, will make a difference. If you store your vehicle in a garage, that’s easier on the tires than sitting outside in the elements all the time. The way you use the vehicle has an impact as well. If you drive at the speed limit, avoid hutting curbs, and have the tires rotated regularly, that will help the wear to stay down to normal limits instead of speeding up the aging process.

Age Of Your Tires

You may wonder how old your current tires are because not everyone keeps track that closely. Or perhaps you bought a used vehicle and you have no idea how old the tires are. There are a lot of numbers on the tires so it can be hard to tell what’s what. All you have to do is ask the next time you get an oil change and the technicians at the auto repair shop can tell you with ease.

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