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Identifying The Source Of Car Smells

By January 13, 2020Auto Repair
Philadelphia, PA auto repair

Is there a scent in your car that you don’t enjoy and can’t seem to get rid of? If you have a brother, or a pesky co-worker, check for fish under the seats. Otherwise, you might need auto repair in Philadelphia, PA and you don’t even realize it. Before you leave the windows down at all times just to get through the drive to work or home, look through these scents and see if repairs might be necessary.

The Smell Of Rotten Eggs

Rotten eggs are never a good smell, and, in a home, it can mean a gas leak, which is very dangerous. In your car, it might be due to a bad catalytic converter. The engine or emissions system could be having issues that make the converter overheat which causes the rotten smell of eggs. Assuming you don’t eat (and drop!) eggs in the car, this could very well be the real root of the smell.

Musty Or Moldy Air

When you turn on the air in your car, you want fresh air, not a moldy smell. You might have mold or mildew actually in the AC system if you get that scent in the air when you turn the system on. You’ll want to have it cleaned out so you can get good air quality in your car when the windows are closed.

Burning Paper

You’ve lit a fire. You know what it smells like when paper burns. You don’t expect to smell it when you are driving, but if it happens when you are changing gears, the clutch might be slipping, and the friction could cause the paper-based facings to smell burned.

Burning Rubber

If you peel out from a stoplight, you are burning rubber and you expect the smell. If you are driving like normal and smell it, that’s a different story. It might indicate a slipped belt or a loose hose that might rub against rotating items and cause that burning smell. Get it fixed before the burning ruins a part.

Burning Toast

We’ve all had toasters that toast a little overzealously, but you shouldn’t have that smell in your car. If you notice it, perhaps an electrical component has short-circuited or maybe insulation is overheating. Any electrical odor should be taken seriously because they can start fires.

The Smell Of Gas

You likely always smell gas when you are at a gas station. And perhaps even on your hands when you get back in the car. But if you smell it at a random time, you could have a gas leak or a fuel injector leak. That’s very dangerous and requires immediate attention.

If you smell things in your vehicle outside of the fast-food snacks you forgot to throw away last week, it’s important to pay attention to your nose and what auto repair in Philadelphia, PA your vehicle might need. Call Schafer’s Auto Center at (215) 755-1270 and tell us about the scent you’ve picked up. Then, visit us at 1924 S Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19148 and we’ll take care of whatever issue you have.

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