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Used Car Buying Tips

By November 4, 2019Auto Repair
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If you are looking to buy a new car (or a new-to-you car), you’re not alone. Sure, there are new vehicles on the lots all over the place, but they aren’t always in your price range or budget. Used cars are usually more affordable, but they come with challenges as well. How can you get the right vehicle that will work well and take you a long way? Nearly 40 million used cars change owners each year. If this is the year for you, use these tips to your advantage so you don’t find yourself needing auto repair in Philadelphia, PA right after you drive off the lot.

Tip 1: Decide What You Can Afford

If you are taking out a loan for a used car, make sure you can afford the payments You need to know your bottom line and what you are comfortable spending. You don’t want to get a car you like and then realize later you can’t take the payments.

Tip 2: Make A List Of Options

There might be certain vehicles you find attractive or certain styles you want because of the space they have or the mileage they get. Make a list of possibilities so when you hit the used car lots, you have some targets. You might also have things in mind like, the car much be less than 5 years old or have fewer than 50,000 miles. List those details and stick to them.

Tip 3: Know Prices

Prices are often driven by where you are shopping. You can find used cars in new car dealership lots, used lots, private websites, and in many other locations. You want to know where you can get an honest deal and a good price for what you need.

Tip 4: Check Vehicle History Reports

When you find some possible vehicles, take a look at the vehicle history reports. You might find out that the vehicle has been in a serious accident and though it looks repaired, you just never know. The sooner you look at the history, the more you will know about it.

Tip 5: Have An Auto Repair Shop Take A Look

Most people don’t buy homes until the homes have been inspected. Likewise, it’s only smart to have a used car looked over by an auto repair shop before you invest in it. Bring the vehicle in for a full inspection so you know if everything is in good condition and in working order for now and for the future use.

If you are looking for a used vehicle, the auto repair in Philadelphia, PA at Schafer’s Auto Center are happy to help you figure out which vehicle is the best for the money you have to offer. Call us for an appointment at (215) 755-1270 and bring your options in and we’ll take a look and give you a full report and inspection. You can visit us at 1924 S Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19148 and we’ll help you take care of whatever vehicle you choose once you make the purchase as well.

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