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Maintaining The Heating And Cooling System With Auto Repairs

By October 28, 2019Auto Repair
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Your heating and cooling system do a lot for your vehicle. First, it keeps you comfortable inside your car while you are driving to and from work and everywhere else. Second, another part you may not think of very regularly, the cooling system keeps the engine cool enough to operate at the proper temperature. The coolant in that area is a mix of water and antifreeze that circulates through the engine to take the heat away. The cooling in your vehicle often takes the proper level of Freon.

If you don’t have enough coolant in any area, your engine won’t stay cool and neither will the interior of the vehicle. Not only does your engine need coolant to stop from overheating, but it has to get the right kind of coolant, as the manufacturer instructs. Different makes of vehicles have different formulas for coolant that help to protect against corrosion. The coolant needs to be fresh and the additives that help stop corrosion deplete over time. The coolant itself, when it is getting old, can start to eat away at cooling parts within the system. You will be able to tell based on your owner’s manual when you need to get more coolant and what type.

The actual parts within the cooling system will wear out over time as well. The radiator is something that often has leaks or clogs because of deposits and heavy use over the years. IT can sometimes be cleaned or repaired, other times, it needs to be replaced. There are also pressure caps on radiators that can’t hold the right pressure any longer. Once those caps are replaced and the coolant is changed, that problem goes away. IT’s a good idea to change the caps if the coolant is being changed out.

Water pumps and hoses around the area can also leak and need to be repaired or replaced. And then there’s the thermostat part that opens and closes to help regulate coolant as it flows to the right location. Those can stick open or get stuck closed, which makes the cooling system malfunction. Those have to be replaced when that happens.

Engine damage is something no driver wants since it can be very expensive to repair or, worse yet, replace completely. The cooling system is an important function to the engine so when you get oil changes or other routine maintenance, have it checked over to maintain efficiency on every label.

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