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Getting Better Summer Mileage With Auto Repairs

By August 5, 2019Auto Repair
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Gas mileage in your vehicle is always important to your family’s budget, but when you are using the car even more, like during the summer months, that makes how far each tank goes even more essential. Use these auto repair tips in Philadelphia, PA to help your car get that much farther down the road between fill ups, on vacations, and during the everyday errands.

Forget The Cool Down

In the winter, you might start your car and let it run a bit, so the engine warms up (and so the interior does, too). In the summer, it’s tempting to do the same, so the interior is cooler when you slide in. However, running your vehicle without driving it just wastes gas. Your vehicle will cool down in a few minutes and you can handle driving it until them if you know that you can get better gas mileage, right?

Inflate Tires Just So

When tires are too low, the engine hast to work harder to get the rubber to roll over. It sounds like a small thing, but an engine working harder means more gas is getting used for each mile. Check where your tires should be and then ensure that they are at that level every few times you stop to get gas. You could save up to 2 miles per gallon or more with the right tire pressure.

Replace Air Filters

You know that air is important to any vehicle and if air can’t get into the engine to mix with gas, the vehicle will add more gasoline, which can cause lots of issues…one of which is lower gas mileage. When the filters need to be changed out, get them changed because they can make a difference in how your vehicle operates and how much it costs you on the road.

Clean Or Replace Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are also something that can impact how well an engine performs. After they get dirty or corroded, they cause wasted fuel and lower gas mileage. They’re a small, easy fix and they can get you a lot farther down the road between tanks of gas.

Get That Tune Up

You don’t necessarily have to keep track of everything your vehicle needs to get good gas mileage. It can be confusing to those who don’t know a lot about cars and it’s hard to know when certain things need to be done. Just be diligent about getting your tune-ups and your technician can keep you informed on what is recommended and when.

When you are ready for auto repair in Philadelphia, PA, whether you need advice, an oil change, or something larger, Schafer’s Auto Center is here for you. At SAR, we won’t tell you something needs to be done unless it’s something we would do on our own vehicle. Call for an appointment at (215) 755-1270 and we’ll take a look at your vehicle when you bring it in. You can also stop by with questions at 1924 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148.

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