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Go With Tire Rotations Along With Auto Repair

By July 1, 2019Auto Repair
Philadelphia, PA auto repairs

When you take your vehicle in for Philadelphia, PA auto repair, whether you need an oil change, new brake pads, or something else, the technician might ask you if you would like a tire rotation as well. This is a good idea for a number of reasons. Here are some such reasons:

Even Wear

Think about the way your tires operate. It makes sense that tires on the left side will wear on certain spots more than tires on the right side and vice versa. If you flip those tires around and rotate them into different positions, they will be able to wear on the opposite side, which will expand their lifetime. If you leave the tires in one location at all times and never rotate them, they will wear down too far in one spot and you will have to replace them sooner.

An Easy Ride

Your vehicle won’t feel as smooth or operate as well if the tires aren’t balanced. When you don’t rotate the tires, that’s exactly what can happen. The tread will wear down in certain spots and you may be able to feel that in the ride your vehicle gives you. It’s best to have a vehicle that feels smooth because that means things are likely going right in a number of ways.

Tire rotations help you to have a safe vehicle. If you never rotate the tires and allow them to get worn, they can be downright dangerous. Your vehicle could start to pull to the side, or you might not have enough traction if you need to brake quickly. You could even have poor handling when you hit curves. Worn tires can also be noisy and they simply can’t be fixed. Once they’re worn in an uneven manner, you will have to replace them and that gets expensive. It’s much cheaper to have your tires rotated when you get oil changes or at other times.

Usually, tire rotation every 5-6,000 miles is a good idea. You will want to ask your technician what’s right for your vehicle and the tires you have on it. Tires are expensive and you want to keep them in good shape for as long as possible. You’ll also want your vehicle to maintain its safety levels for you and your family.

When you are ready for any kind of Philadelphia, PA auto repair, contact the experts at Schafer’s Auto Center by calling (215) 755-1270. You may not remember when your last tire rotation was and that’s okay. Ask us to take a look at your tires and we’ll let you know if that needs to be done or not. You can stop by and ask questions or have us take a look at your tires at 1924 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148. At SAR, we want your vehicle to run as well and as safely as possible for as long as possible. We give honest advice and won’t do things unless they really need to be done.

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