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Auto Repair Shop Pothole Warnings

By February 25, 2019Auto Repair
Philadelphia, PA auto repair shop

The winter months can be hard, not only on our backs from shoveling, but also on the roads. When the weather starts to warm up and the snow and ice melt away, we start to notice more and more potholes. The sneaky holes are annoying, but they can do major damage to your tires. If you hit a pothole and want to have things checked out, contact a Philadelphia, PA auto repair shop. In the meantime, take this advice to heart and do your best on those roads.  

Keep An Eye Out 

Potholes can be tricky because they hide on the road where you least expect them. Even though they are large or small holes, they are often covered with water, which could blend right into the road. Try to watch for them, especially on the roads you travel often. On those roads, you might learn where they are and what to avoid. You may not be able to avoid every instance, but don’t hit them if you don’t have to.  

Hit Potholes Slowly 

If you see a pothole coming and you can’t avoid it because it’s too large or you can’t swerve into another lane, slow down and take it as slowly as you can. Dipping into the hole and back out will be easier on your tires of you don’t hit it at a higher speed.  

Keep A Spare Handy 

Potholes are a major road hazard at any time of the year, but especially during and after the winter months. They are also a leading cause of blown tires. If you can’t avoid the potholes, you could end up on the side of the road with a tire issue. Keep a working spare tire in your vehicle at all times and brush up on your tire-changing skills so you are ready if the worst occurs.  

Stay Calm 

When you hit a pothole, especially if you blow a tire, you might try to overcorrect or jerk the wheel, which can land you in ever more trouble. Remain calm and don’t slam on the brakes. Just take your foot off the gas and turn into the skid if you’ve started one. Slowly pull over to assess the damage. Slamming on the brakes will just make the skidding worse.  

Check Tires Out After Major Hits 

If you’re lucky enough to hit a pothole, but not blow the tire, you’ll still want to visit a local auto repair shop to have things checked out. You don’t want to drive a misaligned vehicle or a car with tires that aren’t safe.  

Potholes are the pits but the professionals at Philadelphia, PA auto repair shops can help you avoid as many mishaps as possible with these tips. If you need new tires, a repair after a pothole incident, or a tire or vehicle checkup, contact Schafer’s Auto Center at (215) 755-1270 to set up an appointment. You can also stop by our shop after an incident at 1924 S Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19148. We’re here to help. 

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