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Do You Have Good Brakes Or Do You Need Brake Repair?

By November 12, 2018Brake Repair Shop
Philadelphia, PA brake repair

There are some things you need to be confident about in your vehicle and the brakes are definitely one of them. You need to feel safe in your car and the brakes are directly related to how safe you can feel. If you need Philadelphia, PA brake repairyou can’t feel as safe as you should. You don’t want to find out you need brake repair when you are trying to stop and can’t. That can lead to a dangerous situation to you, anyone riding with you, and even those around you. Knowing that your brakes are in good condition can help you with peace of mind as you drive down the road.   

There are several things you can do to check up on your brakes and the best thing is to get them checked by a professional on a regular basis. You can have them looked over when you get an oil change, for example, or with every tire rotation. You should have the brakes inspected at least once a year, but you can certainly do it more often. A regular check can spot small problems before they become bigger issues and that can save you time and money down the road. You can also be mindful about how you use the brakes. Try not to stop suddenly and don’t ride the brakes with constant pressure. Use them gradually for stopping and avoid other instances.  

If your brakes do need brake repair, there are warning signs that you might want to get into the shop as soon as you can. Here are things to watch for:  


If your brakes growl or grind when you press on them, this is a big warning sign that they are wearing down and might need repairs. Get them checked out right away as they are no longer safe to operate.  


The squealing noise can come on for a number of reasons. Brakes that are wearing down will start to squeak and you might have a part or two that needs to be replaced. Added moisture can also induce the noise. If it only happens when you’re out in the rain, it might be a moisture issue. If the weather and roads are dry and they are still making noise, you need to get them looked at.  

Long Stops 

If it’s taking you longer to stop than normal, or you have to push on the brake harder to slow down, get the issues checked out. There might be worn parts or another internal problem that needs to be addressed before it gets worse.  

No one wants to have to have Philadelphia, PA brake repair, but if you drive your vehicle long enough, it happens to everyone. When you want a brake inspection, or you need repairs, contact Schafer’s Auto Center at (215) 755-1270 for an appointment. You can also stop by SAR with your questions at 1924 S Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA 19148. 

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