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Auto Mechanic Advice on Bigger Tires

By September 24, 2018Auto Repair
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You may know quite a bit about cars, but unless you’ve studied them endlessly and work with them daily, you don’t know as much as a Philadelphia, PA auto mechanic. Before you upgrade your vehicle with bigger tires to show off your style, you might want to check into the details on what those tires will actually do to your vehicle. Use the advice from an auto mechanic to gauge whether or not it’s a good move.  

Bigger tires and wheels are often a desirable upgrade for those who love to go off-roading or those who just want to drive regular places every day. You can go to any parking lot and count the number of SUVs with tires that are obviously larger than those the vehicle came with. Everyone wants their vehicle to look “cool,” but tires can make or break the vehicle in both the style and performance realm.  

Driving on bad tires or tires that don’t fit the vehicle properly can take a toll on any car. When you upgrade to bigger tires, keep in mind that you also have to upgrade your rims. There are plenty of benefits to bigger tires, but there are disadvantages as well.  

If you are driving a truck, you might want a lift kit to allow room for bigger tires and wheels to give you the height you want. This often a good option for those who like to drive off-road. The lift kit not only makes room for the larger tires, but it gets the vehicle farther off the ground, so it handles better on rough terrain. However, these kits can be expensive. New wheels, tires and a lift kit add up and that’s not even putting anything into parts and labor yet. Lift kits can also change the center of gravity on a vehicle, so drivers need to be careful making sharp turns. And larger tires and wheels could decrease gas mileage.  Philadelphia, PA auto mechanic

If you have a car and want bigger tires, it doesn’t make quite a much sense. Your tire diameter can affect the accuracy of your speedometer, so you need to make sure the tires and wheels fit under the fenders. You can do that with “plus sizing.” This method uses wheels that are larger in diameter, but smaller in the side wall. They are faster and better with handling, but they can also slow acceleration capabilities.  

If you are thinking about getting different tires of any kind, whether larger or normal in size, contact the experts at Schafer’s Auto Center. Your Philadelphia, PA auto mechanics are experts in the field and we can tell you just what your car or truck can handle and what would be best for your preferences. Give SAR a call at (215) 755-1270 to ask questions about tires or to make an appointment. You can also stop by and visit us with your inquiries at 1924 S Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA. We want your vehicle to run as good as possible and that often starts with quality tires.  

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