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What Do You Need In Tires?

By August 6, 2018Uncategorized

If there’s one thing your vehicle needs more than anything else, it’s tires. And tires are the only thing that connects the vehicle to the road. They take a lot over their years of use so it’s important that they get changed out at the right time. Of course, there are probably a lot of things you would rather buy instead of tires in Philadelphia, PA. But when your vehicle needs tires, it’s important to move forward with the replacement process. So what do you need in new tires? Here are some tips to help you decide:

Tip 1: Check To See What You Have

Before you buy tires that are too big, too small, or too fancy for your vehicle, check the tires you currently have and see what they are. The tires will tell you their size, brand, diameter, and many other things. Have you been happy with those tires? Have they lasted a long time? If you don’t really want a change, check and see what you have and get something that is similar to what you enjoyed in the past.

Tip 2: Consider Changes You Want

Are there things about your tires that you didn’t like? Perhaps they don’t do well in the hot Philadelphia weather or they give you a bumpy ride. When you are getting new tires anyway, it is a good time to look into possible changes to make your vehicle operate the way it should or the way you want it to. There are certainly plenty of options on the market and you can get tires that do well in snow, hold up to high temperatures, or endure heavy loads. Whatever you need, you can find.

Tip 3: Prices Are Relative

In many ways, you get what you pay for in the tire world. But you also want to make sure you are getting a fair price. There are some tire companies that will charge you more than others so once you decide what you want, shop around to make sure you get the best, most fair price. Paying a small price for tires, however, isn’t always a good idea as they may be low in quality. Once you find quality tires, compare those prices to other like-tires in order to find the best deal. Quality is important to longevity and you certainly don’t want to replace the tires again any time soon!

If you are in the market for new Philadelphia, PA tires, use the expertise at Schafer’s Auto Center. Our technicians know tires like the backs of their hands and we know just how to help those who need to find a certain tire, whatever that might be. Contact Schafer’s Auto Center by calling 215-755-1270 to ask questions about tires. If you aren’t sure what to ask, stop by SAC and show us what you have at 1924 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148 and we’ll come up with some recommendations as to what will serve your vehicle the best in the future.

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