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Leave Certain Car Maintenance to Pros

By July 16, 2018Auto Maintenance

Some people just love to tinker around the garage. And since the car is generally in the garage, they might tinker with that as well. Whether they like to change the oil to feel handy or try out a few repairs, there are some items that are best left to the professionals at SAR. Because of the complexity within cars today, some things are just too complicated to handle on your own. Keep these items in mind as you consider a DIY approach on your vehicle in Philadelphia.

-Brake Repair
If you’ve noticed your brakes are taking longer to stop the vehicle, or you hear a squealing noise, you might recognize that it’s time for brake repair. Sure, it might just be the brake pads and that would be great. It’s the most inexpensive part to replace. However, when it comes to your brakes, you never want to mess around. Brakes are an important (if not the most important) safety element. You don’t want to miss anything or mess anything up and put your life and the lives of others with you and around you, at risk.

-Engine Diagnostics
The engine is one of the most fun parts on a vehicle to tinker with. It’s what makes everything run! You can look all you want, but when it comes to taking parts out and putting things back in, you should really leave it up to SAC. If your check engine light comes on or you start hearing unusual noises, you might want to get things checked out. Sure, you can take a look at your owner’s manual and see what you can figure out, but the pros at Schafer’s Auto Center have sophisticated equipment that helps you get to the bottom of the story. They can hook up computer programs that get an in depth look at the engine and their education will enable them to decipher the codes they get to allow the root cause of the problem to come out to be cured.

-Tire Balancing
Tire rotations sound easy enough, and you can easily jack up the car and swap the wheels around, but balancing those tires and checking for uneven wear is very important to the health and well-being of your vehicle and the overall safety you get when driving. Rotate your tires on your own and try to balance them, but you are taking a risk that things might not be so safe. IT’s really best to leave the job to the pros at SA.

If you need professional help with any of these things, or just a simple oil change in Philadelphia and tune-up, contact Schafer’s Auto Center at 215-755-1270 for an appointment. We’re here to help with anything from simple to complicated! Our shop is located at 1924 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148 and we’d love to have you come visit and ask questions. We want your vehicle to be as safe as possible and that starts with knowing what to do and when!

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