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The Gift of Safety Comes in the Form of New Tires

By July 9, 2018Uncategorized

Your family might have just about everything you feel like you could want. You all have cell phones with more computing power than you could ever dream of. There’s an electric dog trimmer for the pets. You have personalized coffee mugs for every occasion. When someone’s birthday rolls around, what can you possibly get them that they don’t already have? Instead of floundering around the stores, think about giving someone (or your entire family!) the gift of safety. It’s not as shiny as something you open in a little box, but it’s a much better gift overall.

Tires aren’t’ a gift that just anyone will appreciate. They don’t have the same appeal as an edible fruit basket. But a set of new tires is much more than some people recognize. Once all of the elements are evident, they’ll appreciate it too. Here’s why!

  • Tires are the only part of the car that touches the road. When you want your family to be safe, you are showing your feelings for them. Getting new tires gives them capable handling and could even save their life down the road.
  • The right tires on a vehicle are like handing someone the gift of a good ride. Cars drive rough on worn down tires. Instead of a box of chocolates they’ll eat once, they get to enjoy the ride over and over again.
  • You get the gift of safety with new tires, but what about peace and quiet? There’s a lot to be said for quality tires, which can cut down on vibrations and road noise. People can converse in the car again, enjoy their music, and get a break from the rest of the world.
  • New tires show that you are dedicated to that person and to your family. Tires are something that last a long time and promote efficiency. They’ll save the family money on gas. They’ll get everyone where they’re going safety. There’s nothing like that kind of commitment to make a recipient feel good about the gift.

You may have never thought about giving someone, or your whole family, the gift of new tires. It’s not likely on anyone’s birthday list, after all. But living in Philadelphia puts demands on any vehicle and a new set of tires may be something your loved one truly needs. You can show them your love and commitment by providing a gift they actually need when there’s nothing else they could possibly want.

If you’re ready to look through some of the tire options, contact Schafer’s Auto Center at 215-755-1270. We can help you get the exact right tire for your vehicle so it will fit like a dream and drive even better. We understand how important tires are. They’re the only part of the car touching the road! They keep you safe and that’s important to us! Stop by and see us in our shop at 1924 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148. We are one of the most trusted auto repair specialists in Philadelphia, PA.

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