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Necessary Auto Repair Visits

By February 19, 2018Auto Repair

While you don’t like to spend any more time in the auto repair shop than necessary, there are certain times when it simply has to be done. When you have a shop in Philadelphia that you trust, you now you can avoid repairs by doing what they say in terms of regular maintenance. Here are some of the necessary auto repair visits you will have to go through in order to maintain a safe, reliable vehicle for years to come.

Visit 1: Oil Changes

Besides putting gas in your vehicle, there’s nothing more important to making it run than getting regular oil changes based on your manufacturer’s recommendations. You can get reminders from your auto shop or you can keep an eye on the sticker they place in your car to help you remember when you need to go in again. These oil changes keep your engine in shape and you on the road for as long as possible.

Visit 2: Regular Inspections

When getting an oil change, many car owners like to have an inspection of the vehicle done as well. The best thing you can do to avoid larger repairs is keep things tuned up. If there’s anything small going wrong, they can catch it and fix it before it becomes a major, expensive deal. Plus, your vehicle will run more efficiently and use less gas when you keep it in prime conditions.

Visit 3: Tire Rotations and Alignments

Your tires are an integral part of getting you where you need to go. If you have your vehicle long enough, chances are you will need new tires at some point. But if you want the tires to last as long as possible, and drive well in the Philadelphia winter, you need to rotate them every other oil change or so. Rotating the tires will help them wear evenly so they last longer.

Visit 4: Maintenance Checks

In addition to inspections, there are certain things your manufacturer will recommend you do at certain points. You might have to get new transmission fluid when you go over 100,000 miles and other such items. Keep an eye on your manufacturer’s book and have your auto repair shop keep you in tune with what needs to be done and when. These small items add up in the long run and keep your vehicle in good shape.

If you are able to visit your auto repair shop Philadelphia just a few times a year for these tasks, your vehicle will be much better off. You want to keep your car in good condition so it is reliable and will get you where you need to go. You also want it to cost you as little as possible, which means maintaining it properly. And you want it to have the highest resale value possible when you decide to trade it in as well. For all of these things, you need the professionals at Schafer’s Auto Center. Call us at 215-755-1270 or stop by our shop at 1924 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148.

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