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Avoiding Transmission Repair

By November 27, 2017Uncategorized

If your technician tells you that you need transmission repair, you may feel the blood drain from your face. Transmissions are an important part of the vehicle, but repairing them can also be very expensive. How did you get in this position? What are you going to do? Could you have done anything differently? If you need transmission repair in Philadelphia, there might not be much you can do about it. However, if you do not yet need the repairs, there are definitely things you can do to avoid them. Here are a few tips to take to heart.

Careful Shifting

While your vehicle is a mechanical device and it seems like it can take a lot, the more gentle you are with it, the longer it will last. You wouldn’t throw your favorite sweater into the wash cycle several times a day and then dry it and expect it to last. A gentle touch can help things last longer, it’s as simple as that. Whether you have standard or automatic transmission, you need to be careful about how you shift. Never throw your automatic transmission from drive into reverse, for example, and make sure you have the clutch fully pushed down when you go from one gear to another in a standard transmission. Being careful about how you shift can help you avoid transmission repairs.

Regular Maintenance

You don’t need as much maintenance on a transmission as you do the engine, but like an engine, the transmission has fluids that need to be changed out from time to time. You won’t have to do this every oil change, but keep an eye on your owner’s manual to find out how many miles you can drive without changing the transmission fluids. If you change the fluids out at the proper time, you are much more likely to avoid transmission repairs.

Fix Small Things

There are signs that you need transmission repair that can pop up along the way. Don’t ignore them! If you notice something not working properly, it is best to get your car to the shop as soon as possible. Don’t panic yet, though. Sometimes, it might seem like your vehicle needs transmission repair, but really it is just a faulty or broken sensor somewhere that is making things act up. By fixing that small thing fast, you avoid needing actual transmission repair down the road.

Find a Reputable shop

When you have an investment you use as much as your vehicle, it is important to have a reputable auto shop to help you keep track of everything you need in terms of maintenance and tune-ups. If you need  transmission repair Philadelphia, PA, you have someone safe and trustworthy you can go to and pay reasonable, fair prices. But with any luck, you and your technician can avoid those types of transmission repairs with regular maintenance. Contact Schafer’s Auto Center at 215-755-1270 for an appointment. We’re located at 1924 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148 and we’re happy to help you avoid transmission repairs!

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