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Preventing Costly Auto Repair

By July 3, 2017Auto Repair

You may think that as an auto shop, we would want you to come and see us as often as possible. But at Schafer’s Auto Center, we’re hard-working, honest people. We just want to help you take care of your vehicle. We understand that auto repair in Philadelphia can be a huge inconvenience to your everyday life. So we recommend taking a few steps to prevent costly auto repairs. That way, you can go about your everyday life without as many so-called bumps in the road. Here are a few tips to help you prevent costly and inconvenient auto repair needs.

Tip 1: Follow the Maintenance Schedule

It’s hard to keep track of everything your vehicle needs and when it needs to be done. That’s why you have an owner’s manual. To help you look that information up from time to time. If nothing else, keep close track of your oil changes. When you bring the vehicle in for that small maintenance item, your mechanic can recommend anything else that needs to be done according to your manual.

Tip 2: Handle Problems Swiftly

If you notice anything “off” about your vehicle, deal with it sooner rather than later. There might be a small issue that can easily be addressed, but if you let it sit for longer, it can become much larger and more costly.

Tip 3: Change Things as Recommended

You will want to change fluids, filters, spark plugs and other items as the vehicle’s manufacturer recommends. These things wear out over time and if they go too far, they can cause auto repair to become necessary.

Tip 4: Keep Tires Inflated

It only takes a few moments to check your tires to make sure they are properly inflated. If your tires are too low or too inflated, they can cause excess wear and tear or even a blow out. Keeping the tires inflated perfectly will help you keep proper alignment as well.

Tip 5: Check Out Noises

If you hear noises in your vehicle, check the owner’s manual for information or call Schafer’s Auto Center for advice. Often, the noise is normal and you don’t need auto repair. We’re honest individuals and will tell you that if that is the case. The point is to listen for a change in the noises and check if you need auto repair Philadelphia.

Schafer’s Auto Center is a locally-owned and operated business. While we are always happy so see you come to us, we don’t want auto repair to be something that becomes necessary on your vehicle all of the time. We’d love to see you regularly for maintenance and then out and about around town the rest of the time. Contact Schafer’s Auto Center at 215-755-1270 to schedule your vehicle for auto repair or regular maintenance. We are conveniently located at 1924 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148 on one of the busiest streets in town. It’s simple to stop by and get things looked over between tasks on your schedule!

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