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Why is a Smog Check a Good Idea?

By May 29, 2017Auto Service

There are a lot of things you automatically do for your vehicle when you live in Philadelphia. You put gas in it when you are running low, for example. You take it in for an oil change when you have driven a certain number of miles. Hopefully, you get regular check ups and tune ups as well. But why do you need a smog check? Is that really a worthwhile item? Yes, it is! And here’s why.

-You help the environment

You may not think that a simple smog check is really doing all that much for the environment, but when you think about all of the vehicles running throughout Philadelphia combines, it makes a huge difference. Since every car has to meet certain standards, it really adds up to an environmental aid. If you skip your smog check and so does the guy down the street and the one on the other side of the city, the environment will pay the price.

-It ensures your vehicle is running smoothly

When you get a smog check, the technicians go over many areas of your car. Sure, they want to see that it isn’t putting out too many toxins, but if it is, there is a reason. Your car may not be running efficiently if it is putting too much out into the air. Fixing the issues cannot only lower your pollutants, but it can also save you money on gas and other items in the long run.

-It’s the law

Pennsylvania has put a law into effect that says you need to have smog checks. If you don’t have the checks at the proper times, you are essentially breaking the law. If you want to keep your record and your driving privileges intact, you need to have the checks as necessary.

When you know it’s time for a smog check, where do you go? Philadelphia has a lot of shops to offer! First, you want to make sure the state has certified the shop you choose for the checks. IF the state hasn’t sanctioned the shop, it won’t recognize the results. The easiest thing you can do is simply call Schafer’s Auto Center at 215-755-1270 to make your appointment. The state says that we’re qualified to do the Philadelphia , PA smog check and we can take care of oil changes or other maintenance and repairs at the same time. We’re conveniently located on one of the busiest streets in the city. You’ll see us at 1924 S Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19148. We’ve been in business since 1964 so you know since we’re still around, we know what we’re doing. With thousands of customers in our past, we have plenty of references to share so you’ll understand we can fix anything and everything on any car or light truck. Since we’re local, you can also take comfort in the fact that our employees are members of the community, living and working among you just like any other neighbor!

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