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Vehicle Inspection Check List

By April 17, 2017Auto Service

During an inspection the technician is checking to make sure that a vehicle is safe on the road. However most drivers in Philadelphia don’t really know what the inspectors are looking for. In fact, it used to be that any auto technician could perform a vehicle inspection. Now though, because of complicated and advanced technology, it requires more training. The parts and systems of your vehicle are not so easy to read and there is even more to look for.

Vehicle inspections can be stressful on the car owner. What will the technician find? What is wrong? How much will the repairs cost? In some cases it can even feel like the shady car repair Philadelphia shop is out to get you! We don’t want this to happen. That is why we suggest you prepare for a vehicle inspection instead of just showing up for one. You don’t have to walk in blind. Instead, here is a checklist you can use to prepare for your vehicle inspection.

Vehicle Inspection Checklist

This is what the technician looks for to keep you and your car safe out on the road:

  • Compare registration documents to the VIN
  • Perform a visual anti-tampering check to see if emissions parts are missing, tampered with, or have been removed
  • Test wipers and washer fluid for proper operation
  • Test horn for adequate signal
  • Test warning lights, signal lights, direction indicators, and reverse lights
  • Test fog lights if applicable
  • Test suspension and steering components for proper operation
  • Test defroster
  • Check onboard computer and warning systems
  • Check brake pads and rotors for enough material to keep you safe while stopping
  • Check the parking and service break where applicable
  • Check windshield for cracks that obstruct the line of sight
  • Check fuel system for proper operation
  • Check exhaust for black or blue smoke
  • Check tire thickness and wheel alignment
  • Check for mirrors and correct operation
  • Check speedometer and odometer for correct readings
  • Check all seat belts, fasteners, and safety equipment
  • Inspect the body and chassis for rust
  • Inspect for fluid leaks
  • Inspect for noxious fumes in the car interior
  • Inspect windows and make sure they operate and are free of obstruction
  • Inspect window tint to make sure it meets state standards

As you can see, some check points require a simple yes or no. Others need a bit more. The technician must take measurements, check gauges, test exhaust, and make sure all systems are testing in an acceptable range. Anything that puts the driver or vehicle at risk will send up a red flag.

Looking for a fair assessment? At Schafer’s Auto Center we take out the guesswork by employing only ASE certified mechanics. You can expect honest and efficient service from a team you can trust. We care about our customers’ issues and have been serving the drivers of Philadelphia since 1964. Call us today at 215-755-1270 or visit 1924 S. Columbus Blvd., Philadelphia, PA 19148. We will do all we can to perform an efficient vehicle inspection and keep you safe out on the road.

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