When Do You Need to Schedule Vehicle Inspection in Philadelphia, PA?

auto repair shop in Philadelphia, PAEach car owner needs to complete an inspection before the car can be registered or renewed. For this reason, you need to have a minimum of one inspection every year, although there are often other situations when an inspection might be needed. If it is time for an annual inspection, you need to talk to a mechanic in Philadelphia, PA.

Here at Schafer’s Auto Center, we offer a wide range of inspections and repair services. We are always focused on the satisfaction of our customers, helping each person to maintain the quality of their car. We have worked hard to build a great reputation in the area, and our goal is to develop a life-long relationship with each customer.

State Required Vehicle Inspection

Safety and emissions inspections are managed on a state level, so these requirements change depending on the state where you live. In most states, it is necessary to complete the safety check before the initial registration can be completed. Additionally, it is often necessary to have an inspection each year that you own the car.

When it is time for registration renewal, you will need to pay a fee and get a new registration renewal for your car. When you are ready to pay the renewal fee, it is also required that you bring in a certificate of inspection from your mechanic.

In some situations, these safety inspections might only be required every other year. Newer cars typically don’t need inspections as frequently as older cars. Even if you don’t need to have a required safety inspection for the year, you still might consider the benefits of maintaining regular inspections. These appointments keep you updated about potential problems, helping you to protect the performance of your car.

Why Do I need an Annual Inspection?

The government requires regular inspections to make sure that the roads are safe for all drivers. This inspection checks all of the major systems in the car. If problems are identified, the vehicle owner can have the car repaired to avoid unforeseen issues on the road.

As an example, consider the problems that might occur if your brakes start having problems when you are driving. A small malfunction could result in a dangerous situation for yourself and others. These small issues can often be avoided by maintaining the car. If the brake pads are replaced at the right time, it reduces the likelihood that you will have brake problems while driving.

Smaller Vehicle Inspections

Each time you take the vehicle in for an oil change, it is quite common for the mechanic to complete a standard inspection of the car. Even though this inspection isn’t as detailed or thorough as an annual safety inspection, it can help you identify small problems before they turn into big issues. It is often cheaper to take care of car problems in the early stages, before you are dealing with more extensive damage and consequently higher repair bills later on.

When you are behind the wheel, it is important that you are aware of the way the car is driving. As the owner of the car, you might notice small issues or nuances that might be unusual. Even if it seems like an insignificant problem, you should still take immediate action to schedule an inspection. If a repair is needed, a diagnostic inspection can identify the source of the problem. Then, we will work together to identify the best approach to repair your car.

Call a Trusted Mechanic

If you need an inspection or repair work, it is important to be sure that you are working with a mechanic that you trust. Some car owners are nervous about the inspection because they don’t want to pay for unnecessary repair bills. At Schafer’s Auto Center, we want to be sure that we are protecting the performance of your car and managing the cost of repairs at the same time. These inspections will help us see the overall health of the vehicle, and help us to make recommendations about the necessary repairs.

These inspections open up the space for good communication. We want to answer any questions you might have along the way. By working together, we can put together a maintenance plan that matches your preferences and fits within your budget.

Don’t delay your vehicle inspection; it truly is an opportunity for us to partner with you to help maintain the mechanical health of your car. If you have questions about required or suggested inspections, we invite you to contact our team anytime for more information.

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