Is it Time for an Oil Change in Philadelphia, PA?

Philadelphia auto repairOne of the foundational maintenance tasks is to change the oil in your car. When you own a car, basic maintenance and repairs are needed to keep your car in good condition. If you fail to keep up with these recommended tasks, the overdue oil change symptoms will appear and the performance of your car will suffer. Here at Schafer’s Auto Center, we can help you maintain the oil changes in your car. Whether you need a basic service or extensive repairs, we invite you to visit our shop in Philadelphia, PA for the help that you need.

How Often Should You Change the Oil?

How often do you need to take your car in for an oil change? These recommendations vary depending on the type of oil that you are using in your vehicle. Standard oil changes are needed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. But, this requirement changes based on your driving habits and the oil product that you choose.

If you are putting a lot of miles on your car, you will need to take the vehicle in for an oil change more often compared to a car that isn’t driven as much. Even though oil changes are recommended based on mileage driven, you also need to keep an eye on the calendar. The oil needs to be changed after a certain period regardless of the number of miles that have been put on the vehicle.

One of the benefits of driving a newer car is that there is often a built-in monitoring feature on the dashboard with engine oil notifications. When it is time to change the oil, you might see a dashboard light that is illuminated, telling you it’s time to service your vehicle. But, you still need to watch the mileage and the calendar–just in case your car doesn’t have an oil change notification light.

Benefits of an oil Change in Philadelphia

Your car must have oil in it at all times when operating. So, why is it necessary to change the oil if there is already oil in the engine? This is because fresh oil offers three benefits for your vehicle:

  • Cooling: The engine can get hot when the car is running, and the temperatures only increase when the car is driven for long periods of time. Over time, engine oil breaks down and loses its ability to lubricate and maintain appropriate temperatures. With fresh oil, the engine is well lubricated, and heat does not rise above suitable heat levels.
  • Protection: When the oil has been used for a while, it can begin to cause carbon deposits to build up in the engine. By changing the oil, you can reduce the likelihood of these deposits. As a result, you are protecting the performance of the engine.
  • Lubrication: Because the engine has moving parts, it is essential to maintain proper lubrication. Without oil, the moving parts will generate friction and excessive heat. Engine damage can occur if the vehicle overheats. Oil is critical to maintaining the performance of the engine by lubricating the system for optimal function.

Now that you understand the function of the oil, you can see that it is important to stay current with regular oil changes.

Cost of Changing the Oil

Even though you will need to spend a little bit of money to change the oil in the car, you can consider this cost an investment. By protecting your engine, you are extending the useful life of the car. The price of this maintenance task varies depending on the type of car that you have and the oil that you choose. Conventional motor oil offers the cheapest solution. Semi-synthetic and fully-synthetic oils are a little more expensive, but they offer more protection for your engine. If you spend a lot of time in the car, you might consider the advantage of using full synthetic oils instead of conventional products.

If you are trying to decide the type of oil that is best for your car, you should have a conversation with your mechanic to learn more. By evaluating the age and performance of your car, as well as the way the vehicle is typically driven, the mechanic can make recommendations about how you can keep your car running for years to come.

Keep in mind that the cost of a basic oil change often includes extra services. For example, you may receive a new air filter, basic inspection, and all other fluids will be topped off. The inspection is an opportunity to understand if there are any problems with the vehicle that need to be addressed. When such issues are identified in the early stages, you can take care of the repairs instead of waiting for more serious problems in the future.

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