COVID-19 Related Update

We at Schafer’s Auto Repair wanted to give everyone an update to avoid any questions or confusion during this time. Automotive repair is considered an essential business as per governor Tom Wolf. Schafer’s will continue to be able to service your vehicle and keep the roads safe.

We value your business and take your health seriously. We will be taking all precautionary measures to keep our customers and staff safe during these uneasy times. The following are just some of the extensive measures we have immediately put into place.

    1. No Customers in the Building

      • Social distancing. This is number one in helping protect everyone’s health. Below are the guidelines to help this transition.
      • Please call (215-755-1270) and we can discuss your car’s issue.
      • If you have an appointment, please drop your keys in the “dropbox” between the entry door and the garage door. We will call you after we assessed the issues of your vehicle.
      • We will send you our Digital Inspection Report via email and text.
      • We will call and discuss the next step in your service(s).
      • Additional notes
        • The front door will be locked at all times.
        • No cash will be accepted. Credit only.
    2. Employee Rules

      • Although washing hands has always been required, we will be enforcing each employee to wash their hands before entering each and every vehicle.
      • All vehicles will be sprayed with disinfectant before and after leaving any vehicle.
      • All vehicles must have seat and floor covers.
      • The office will be fully disinfected every hour.
      • In addition, the office will be disinfected every time someone leaves.
      • All recommended rules given by our health care providers must be followed. (i.e. coughing in your elbow, use of hand sanitizer when needed, AT LEAST 6ft distance between individuals).
      • If there are ANY signs of sickness, employees are mandated to stay home and contact their health provider. If medical attention and/or stay at home orders were given, a doctor’s note is required to come back to work.
    3. Quarantine Car Care Checklist – During the COVID-19 we want to make sure your vehicle will be ready for the world to reopen. Here are a couple of things we recommend to do and check.

      • Start car every week.
      • Drive 10-15 minutes every week.
      • Wash car twice a month.
      • Turn on the a/c system once a month until blows cold.
      • Turn on the heater once a month until blows hot.
      • Check tire pressure including spare once a month (To find correct pressure, use door label/sticker, located on the inside of the driver’s side door).
      • The following items are NORMAL and common after a car has not been driven:
        1. Flat spots on tire.
        2. The car/steering wheel can shake when you first start driving. It should go away when the tires warm up from the road.
        3. Grind/scraping noise from the wheels and/or brake system.
          • Rust can form on the brake rotors. The noises should subside after about 15 minutes of driving.
        4. Windshield wipers can be dry and need replacement.

At Schafer’s, we try and keep everyone informed with all the latest information that we are provided. We will continue to update you as often as possible. Please STAY SAFE and contact us with any questions.

As always, thank you for choosing Schafer’s Auto Repair.