Should You Schedule an Appointment for Timing Belt Replacement in Philadelphia, PA?

auto repair shop in Philadelphia, PAMost cars need to have the timing belt replaced around 60,000 miles, although this recommendation changes depending on the type of car that you drive. Every time the odometer reaches a certain point, it is best to replace the timing belt before it fails. If you line in Philadelphia, PA and you are wondering when your car needs a timing belt replacement, we invite you to contact our team at Schafer’s Auto Center.

Why Do You Need to Change the Timing Belt?

What is the point in paying for a new timing belt when your current belt seems to be working fine? This maintenance task is required for all cars that have a timing belt, although the mileage threshold for recommended replacement may vary based on the make and model that you purchased.

As the timing belt wears out, you run the risk of the belt breaking. In this situation, a broken belt could destroy the engine of the car. It can cost thousands of dollars to replace an engine that has been damaged in this way. Instead of waiting for the damage to occur, the more cost-effective solution is to spend a few hundred dollars to install a new timing belt.

Preventive maintenance is usually cheaper than these extensive repairs, which is why the manufacturers recommend replacing the timing belt every 60,000 miles. Often, other standard repairs will be made at the same time, such as changing out the water pump because it is accessed in the same part of the engine. If you are bringing your car in for maintenance or repair, we encourage you to maximize your efforts by combining multiple repair tasks in the same day.

Should You Save Money by doing it at Home?

If you are good with your hands and you have the right toolbox, you might consider the option to change your timing belt at home. Be aware that this car repair task can be quite complicated, especially if you don’t have prior experience with this type of maintenance. Watching a how-to video online is very different compared to hands-on experience.

When the timing belt is changed, it is necessary to open up the engine of the car. Most car owners don’t have the training to do the job right, and a small mistake could ruin the entire engine. The timing belt is an integral part that keeps the camshafts and crank synchronized. If something goes wrong and these parts aren’t synchronized when the engine turns on, it could be catastrophic for the car engine.

Instead of mistakenly causing thousands of dollars of damage to your car, it is better to let the experts handle the repair for you. For an older car, a small mistake could cost more than what the vehicle is worth.

What is the Cost of a Timing Belt Replacement?

Gaining access to the timing belt is different from engine to engine, so the labor costs can vary depending on your car. You will need to pay for the cost of the parts, including the belt that will be installed, as well as the labor time that is spent to replace the belt.

In most situations, this maintenance service costs several hundred dollars. The cost will be a little higher if it is necessary to change the water pump at the same time. Even though you will be spending a few hundred dollars right now, you could potentially save thousands of dollars in the future with this preventive maintenance.

Choosing a Mechanic to Work on Your Car

Competent, trustworthy mechanic shops are out there, but the trick is to find them! Instead of taking a chance with a mechanic that you don’t know, talk to friends and family members for recommendations. Also, look online to find reviews about the companies that you are considering.

With a little bit of research, you can find a mechanic that will be your go-to auto repair shop for the life of the car. Working with the same mechanic on a regular basis is the best solution to ensure that you don’t miss any of the suggested maintenance tasks. By building such a relationship, you can rest assured knowing that your car is in good hands.

Since it will take several hours to complete the timing belt replacement, we suggest you call ahead to schedule an appointment for your car. The hope is that you’ll be able to drop off the vehicle in the morning and pick it up later the same day after the repairs are done.

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